Butterfly Dreams 5K Recap

My favorite time of the year is when the morning air turns cool, Georgia Football is on TV and pumpkins begin to fill the stores. Saturday mornings become a lot easier when it’s not already 85 degrees at the start of the race. The Butterfly Dreams 5K had perfect weather and the cool air made it feel like a nice Fall morning. Leading up to the 5K I was pretty worried about my leg. Two days ago I had one of those charlie horse muscle spasms which usually happens quite often for me but this time the knot did not go away. I tried sports creams in hopes for it to ease up by the start of the race but it did not move. I couldn’t even walk on the leg yesterday without flinching with every move I made. I tried to role my leg out with my roller but rolling over the knot made me nauseous. Not that anyone cares to know that detail! Even with my leg giving me fits, I was determined to have a good clock time. I have been sick the past two weeks so now that I can finally breathe again I was ready to see what I could do with the cool weather. The Butterfly Dreams 5K is by no means the easiest course out there. There are a few hills that accompany it but even so, I tend to have a good clock time each year. Today I finished in 34:33 which is my best time all summer. Now that it is starting to get cooler, I can go back to training after I get off of work. I will be excited to see if I can get under 30 before the end of the year. I know people tell me to just go out there and have fun with it, but having goals keeps me motivated. I have to keep motivated or I will tend to just eat cookies and cupcakes and call it a day! After all these years, I placed 3rd in my age group and was able to get a butterfly! The butterfly’s are very special because they are in memory of the former owner of Classic Race Services who passed away several years ago. I was so excited about the butterfly that I was walking around singing I get a butterfly! It is proudly displayed on my wall now! It’s a proud moment when my friends and I place at a race because it’s rare which makes it even more exciting.

If you ever get the chance to run a 5K, come run the Butterfly Dreams which supports kids with special needs. It’s a great race, with friendly people, a challenging course and awesome awards. They even bring over a few horses which are used for the therapeutic riding program for kids. This is one of my favorite races and my favorite way of kicking off all the Fall races coming up.


Labor Day, we will be in Atlanta for the Big Peach Sizzler 10K. Looking forward to seeing what it will be like! We will be running from the Chamblee Marta Station and finishing near Lenox Square. Look for my recap of that race that afternoon. Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend! Good luck to everyone who will be racing Monday.

Go Dawgs!

80’s Run Recap/Short Update

Saturday, we ran the South Hall Rotary Club 80’s 5K in Flowery Branch. I knew before I started the run Saturday that I was about to come down with a cold. Thankfully, it waited until I was done running before hitting me with an ever dreaded sore throat. The race did not start until later in the morning and with the sun straight up at that point, I was going to be happy just to finish. I barely made it to mile 1 before having to walk for a few. By mile 2, I was done and did not want to run anymore. I had to force myself to run in to the finish. I finished in 37:40 and placed 4th in a ten year age group.

As I sit here writing my very short blog post for the weekend, I can barely breathe and everything I eat has a weird taste. So I hope this is gone before this coming Saturday’s race. I will be running the Running For Rankin 5K and I hope to see all my friends I have not seen in months!

This week I only have one night of Yoga teacher training class. Thank goodness for that. I am counting down the days until I am done. It takes a lot of time and energy which is limited right now with everything else I have going on. My Fall classes start today and I am also planning a 5K for my alumni association. I am waiting on approval of designs before releasing the information out to social media. Classic Race Services will be timing it and it will be January 20th so go ahead and mark your calendars, for the 1st Annual Frosty Owl 5K benefiting the Athens Tech Alumni Association.

Hugs & Blessings
~Queen Beast Fitness

Summer’s End 5K Recap

I have been thinking lately how lucky I am to be able to do the things I do. I stay on the road, I get to run and workout whenever I please, I’m working on my Yoga teacher certificate ands that’s just a few of the things I get to do in this life. I am also very thankful for all of the friends I have made along the way. I smile when I think about the one’s that text me every week to see where I am running, the one’s that have become more like family, and the one’s that spend time with me training during the week. The Summer’s End 5K happened to have a handful of my favorite people in the world there. I have been looking forward to this race for week’s now. I look forward to them even more now that some of my weekend’s are spent on a mat. I have ran this race for several years now and have placed in my age group for the last two years. Summer’s End is famous for train trophies as their awards. This year was my third year in a row getting a train! I was so happy to get that train, it’s all I have been talking about. With everything I have going on, I have not been pushing myself to run much through the week. However, I was determined to get under 36 which is where I have been lately. Saturday I ran it in 35:27 and knocked two minutes off of my time from last year.

I don’t have another Saturday Yoga class until the end of September so I plan to run as many races as I can until then! Send me a message if anyone has any cool ones they are running coming up in the next few weeks. We are still planning out our schedule for September! Once I finalize plans, I will post a calendar of where I will be for the next few months! I know I have a few Black Bag Races coming up so I’m really looking forward to seeing all my Black Bag friends again! It’s been way too long.

Hugs & Blessings
~Queen Beast Fitness

Power Of Relaxation

I’m the kind of person who can’t sit still no matter what. I can be at work, at a restaurant, or at a friend’s house and if I sit longer then thirty minutes I will about come out of my skin. I’m not sure why I am like this but I can’t control it, I have to move. As you can imagine, a day long Yoga class just about kills me. It takes everything I have to stay there all day. Saturday training classes are from 8-6, so when they say we can go I am the first one out the door every time. I have noticed something though, I do relax when we practice Savasana which is the pose of total relaxation. You are basically in a corpse’s position on the floor. Typically you can place your head on a blanket and your legs over a bolster, then you lay there and release all the tension in your body. I manage to stay still (or mostly still) for the ten to fifteen minutes in the pose. I also noticed this has helped me release the stress I get from my job and school. Needless to say, Savasana will be an essential component at the end of my classes when I begin teaching.

I had my Yoga training classes back to back this week. Class Friday night from 5:30-9 and then again all day Saturday. I was able to teach for a few minutes Saturday morning and received awesome feedback. Apparently my speed of calling out the poses and how long I give in between each pose is perfect. I felt like I was speeding through the poses but it feels longer to the student’s actually doing the poses then it does to me teaching. I can tell already I am going to enjoy teaching my own class one day!

I was super excited yesterday because I did a handstand against the wall. I was like heck yea all this strength training is paying off. I did it a second time and my right arm gave out and I collapsed on my neck. I am a little sore today in my shoulders and back but no time for that because I gotta get right back at it tomorrow at the gym. I keep looking at my arms and flexing and hoping those biceps will magically form. I swear I have a baby bicep forming so we will role with that for now!

I get to run a 5K this coming weekend and I am so excited! We will be in Winder for the Summer’s End 10K/5K. Hope to see all my lovely friends there!

Hugs & Blessings
~Queen Beast Fitness

Hot In The Summer Sun 5K Recap

I’m pretty sure I need to move to Atlanta. I spend more time there on the weekends then where I live. A lot of the races that we have been interested in this Summer have all been in or around Atlanta. We ran another 5K in Kennesaw Saturday for Five Star NTP called the Hot Fun In The Summer Sun 5K. One of the cool things about Five Star is they give finishers medals to all participants. I finished 2nd in my age group so I scored double medals. The course had one long hill towards the finish line but I have noticed lately, that hills do not bother me much anymore. I used to dread seeing a hill but now I don’t pay too much attention to them. I think its because I see a hill as a challenge, and I really like challenges.


I haven’t been running lately because I spend most of my time doing full body training. I can tell I am getting stronger, even with running. The heat bothers me, which kills my clock time but I noticed the last few times I have ran that I have not struggled as much.

Next weekend, I won’t be able to run because I have my one Saturday a month day long Yoga training class. I certainly hope to see everyone at the Summers End 5K in Winder August 12th, I am really looking forward to that race. I hope to go for my third straight year of getting a train trophy!

Now that summer is coming to a close and Fall is fast approaching, I have got to get ready for the next five months of craziness. There is a lot of neat stuff happening and lots of new adventures coming up so stay tuned!

Hugs & Blessings
~ Queen Beast Fitness