The Last Few Weeks


I know I haven’t posted in a few weeks but I have not had any free time on my hands. I knew the month of December was going to be hectic but it’s here now and almost over. I am on my final week of craziness. It all ends this Friday! Between trying to study for finals, finishing Yoga training, working late and squeezing in a 5K here and there, I am exhausted.

Since the last time I posted, I have managed to run two 5K’s. We did the Buddy Christian Memorial 5K and the Holly Jolly Elf Trot in Winder. The Buddy Christian race is a wonderful race for a great cause. I know many of you know the story of what happened to Buddy. The proceeds go towards a scholarship fund for his children, so we always try to support this race. They have awesome awards and it’s always very organized. I finally got back down to 31 minutes in this race. I was training very hard but work life has since ended my daily training. For the last week, we have been working long hours and by the time we get done it’s dark and I’m tired. Towards the end of next week, we go back to normal schedule so I will get back to running.

Upcoming Events:

December 15th- I graduate from Yoga Training

December 16th- Santa Stroll 8K

The Frosty Owl 5K is coming together so well! It’s almost here! I am so excited about this race! If you haven’t already, register for the 5K so you are guaranteed a shirt. Limited quantities will be available day of race. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored or registered for the event! Your support means so much!

Over Christmas break, I plan to write about graduating from the 200 hour Yoga training program. I am so excited to be done! It’s been a long and hard 6 months.

Look for a lot more posts once things settle down after the holidays! I will have time to get back to writing soon!

Hope to see a lot of you Saturday at the Santa Stroll.

Blissful Yoga


As I sit here getting a much needed rest day in, I thought it would be a good time to write about my yoga journey. I have spent the last 5 months in a 200 hour certified yoga training program. There’s been late nights and long weekends spent practicing and learning the anatomy of yoga poses. I only have 5 more classes left until I graduate December 15th and I couldn’t be more excited. I finally get my life back and all my Saturday’s will be dedicated to running again. Don’t get me wrong, I have learned a lot and it has been a good experience for me. I have grown a lot over the last several months and I’m beginning to establish my own teaching style. At the beginning of the training I was intimidated by all the dancers and senior yogis who have been doing this for a lot longer then I have been. When I would teach, I wouldn’t apply what I knew because I didn’t want to say the wrong thing in front of a group who already knew more then I did. Once I got over the intimidation factor, I began to be more confident in my ability to teach just like the rest. I have seen just how much my teaching has improved once I stopped worrying about messing up. I also learned that using notes messes me up, so the day I lost the notes is the day I really saw that I could be an awesome yoga teacher. I was able to teach last weekend to a large group for the first time and I did so good. It was friends and family day at the studio and my sweet friend came to support me. That was the first time I actually taught in a class setting. I have one more large class teaching session on December 9th before we graduate. The studio is combining us with the year long training group and we are teaching them a sequence.


I’ve had a lot of people ask me what we do in training for 6-10 hours straight. Therefore, I thought I would tell you guys what training consist of. We practice for a few hours, we build class sequences to teach, we learn anatomy,  the history of yoga, breathing techniques, and learn the wording of yoga poses. We don’t get any breaks and we have to eat as we are working on book work. Every hour we are there has to be used for training.

With all the stuff I have going on and trying to finish training and college classes, I haven’t been able to write that often. I’m slowly getting ready to begin teaching as a instructor in January. My new yoga adventure is called Blissful Yoga. Blissful Yoga is dedicated to empowering students through challenging poses, stretches, and relaxation. My practice is built around exercise and strengthening the body. With that said, my classes are open to everyone and I will work closely with you to establish a practice that fits your body. Everyone is built differently and we all have different limitations. As someone who has a bad right side, I understand the challenges some will face when it comes to certain poses. Due to my tight hamstrings and my right hip, there are certain poses I can’t do myself. I have to have support even just sitting during a breathing exercise. Therefore, at Blissful Yoga, I plan to offer the support and adjustments needed so anyone can participate in the classes. I am very passionate about helping people who have physical limitations. At Blissful Yoga, I will make everyone feel right at home no matter what their limitation may be.


Looking ahead, I hope to build Blissful Yoga in to a traveling yoga studio. I don’t want to be stuck in a single location. As most of you know, I am always on the road, therefore I hope to take yoga with me to different counties and festivals across North Georgia. I’m not sure where this idea is going to go, but come see me in January at Athens Tech. This will be my first stop. A new city announcement will come once warmer weather hits. I have something in the works!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me along this journey! You guys are the best!

It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas

IMG_7418I know some of you are rolling your eyes right now at my title for this post. Christmas really shouldn’t start until after Thanksgiving but all of these festive holiday runs are getting me in the spirit. Christmas really is my favorite holiday. Therefore, I love running all the Jingle Jogs and Santa Strolls. Who else already has a 5K race planned for Christmas Eve? This girl does!

IMG_7412This past weekend we ran back to back Christmas themed races. We ran the Holiday Haulin’ 5K Saturday morning and the Lanier Under The Lights 5K Saturday night. Let’s talk about one of the best races of the year first! The Holiday Haulin’ 5K takes place in the small town of Mansfield and features a flat course, a super cool t-shirt, and awesome awards. The race directors are all so nice and super thankful for all the runners. This race is always in November so check it out in 2018, you will not be disappointed. I placed 2nd in my age group out of 8 and finished in 33:32. I was making great time at mile 1 and 2 but let is slip away when I started getting pains in my right foot. I seriously thought I had hurt my foot, since I have increased my training. It hurt for the rest of the day and through the second run, but I believe it may have just been from the cold. I put some sports cream on it and took a day of rest and so far I have not had any more trouble. We will just say the cold got to it.

IMG_7424Lanier Under The Lights 5K is so much fun and a great experience. It is the only time the park allows you to run or walk along the lights. Typically when they open to the public, you have to ride around in your car to look at them. I think being able to run and stop and take pictures is a lot more fun. This was my second year running Lanier Under The Lights. I don’t run this race for a time but even with my foot hurting I still can’t sit still enough to just walk. Meanwhile, my sister wants to walk and I’m jumping up and down to run. It takes us over 40 minutes to finish the race with all the picture taking. However, we did get some really cool pics with the lights!


ONLY 7 MORE YOGA TRAINING CLASSES LEFT! Whoo! So close to being done, I can’t wait. I will write a separate post about this weekend’s training over Thanksgiving break. After this Saturday only one more Saturday left to go. I graduate December 15th, so I will be at the Santa Stroll 8K the next day. The Santa Stroll 8K will end the 2017 Black Bag Race Series and it’s also a race in memory of Will Chamberlin who was the owner of Classic Race Services. Therefore, I’m so glad we graduate before this race because I don’t like missing it.

No race this weekend because I have Yoga training. We are having friends and family day at the studio Saturday so I have one of my sweet friends coming to see me teach!

Hope to see you all soon!

My Favorite Time Of Year

IMG_7284This time of year when the weather is turning cooler and the leaves start falling happens to be my favorite time of year. It makes for great running weather and it also makes for a great clock time. I know it’s a drag on those cold mornings to get out of bed to go run but those runs are some of my best throughout the year. For the first time since before Summer, I finally saw 32 minutes on the clock at the Gin Run 5K Saturday. For those of you looking for a good clock time, come check out the Gin Run next year. It’s ran on flat country roads out in the middle of nowhere. You are destined to have a good clock time! Not only can you get a good clock time, but you also have the chance of getting a cotton bale they give to those who place. I have ran this race for several years now and finally placed in my age group. I was able to get one of those super cute cotton bales because I was first in my age group out of five.

IMG_7331One thing about being a runner, is you are all weather. Even through the wind, bitter cold, rain and sometimes snow you will see a runner through it all. Sunday was one of those rare cold windy days that occurs in October. We ran the Jack-O-Lantern jog and even though it was in the afternoon and the sun was out, it didn’t make it any warmer. I like the cold though, it gave me another good clock time. The Jack-O-Lantern is run along a curvy greenway, so I never have a good clock time there so I was surprised by my time on Sunday. I finised the race in 34:20. Like the Gin Run, I have ran this race for the last several years and never placed until this weekend. I placed 3rd in my age group out of 9. I consider this weekend to be a success and I am slowly working my clock time back down.


I have a few tricks up my sleeve for something come February. I’m not going to say what it is now but I’m currently training for it. Lot’s of magical stuff happening in 2018. After all, we have that big Disney trip next year. I’m currently working on the costumes for it. I plan to be two different Princesses since I am running the Princess half and the Princess 5K.

The big event I am planning for is the Frosty Owl 5K next year. I’m sorry if y’all get tired of hearing about it but I am working really hard to make it a great event for the runners. I found out last week that a bottling company will be donating drinks to all runners and I found out this week that a company will be donating goodie bags for all the runners who place. If you have not already, check it out! It will be a lot of fun. After all, Christmas is coming up so gift yourself or your love ones a race entry for their stocking stuffer! More surprises to come soon!

Frosty Owl 5K Online Registration:

My 5th Half Marathon Recap

16 miles! That’s how many miles this crazy runner decided to do this past weekend. Running a half marathon was just not good enough, I also had to throw in a 5K Saturday morning. Saturday morning we ran the Scarecrow 5K where I live. The only reason you would probably choose to come run this 5K is because of the Fall festival. The run kicks off the festival every year. It’s not as big of deal as it used to be in the past though. I remember watching the runners go by on the front porch before I started running and thought it was really cool. Funny how things change over the years, now I’m running instead of watching.

I was feeling good at the start of the Scarecrow. It showed in my run as well. I was able to run most of it except for those big hills that always sneak their way in to these runs. I finished in 34:10 and placed 1st in my age group. I got a cool blanket as the award. It can now travel with me on these cooler morning runs. I’m slowly working my time back down to where it was before I started this journey of trying to become a Yoga teacher. It will get there. I think Yoga is helping to make me stronger. I can feel it in my runs. I may not be fast, but I can keep a more consistent pace then before.

Let’s fast forward to the AthHalf. My 5th half marathon was one word, challenging. I say this because I am pretty sure we hit every hill in Athens. I laughed at one point, because they even sent us up a hill in the middle of a neighborhood in Five Points. If you keep going and then turn right, you will miss the hill so I found that funny that they had to squeeze that one in. At the start of the half, I was feeling good and that consistent pace set in until mile 6. At mile 6, my right leg started giving me trouble. At one point, it wanted to give away like it was trying to tell me to stop. Anyone that knows me, knows I won’t stop for nothing. I always joke that if something happens to me on the course, I will finish no matter what. Coming up on mile 9 I was wondering what the heck gets in to me and these crazy ideas of oh lets go run 13 hilly miles today. I was tired at this point and wanted nothing but water. I wasn’t even starving for food. I just wanted something to drink so bad. Mile 12 went by really fast but as we all know, at the last .5 mile there was a lovely hill ready to greet you to the finish. I walked that thing and was proud of it. Even with all the hills, I beat my time from three other different half marathons in the past. It wasn’t my best time that I’ve had but i’ll take it. I finished in 2:50:24 with chip time. I saw a few people I knew along the course. A few people yelled my name as I passed that I work with and I also got to see a member of the running family out there cheering us on. Always great to see familiar faces along the course. I was disappointed that we couldn’t finish at the Sanford Stadium like years previous but there’s always next year. There’s construction going on at the stadium which is why the finish was at a different location this year.

I only have 4 more training weeks left of Yoga and I couldn’t be more excited. I am ready to be on my own so bad. I am counting down the weeks if you haven’t noticed! Lots of cool stuff coming up, just have to get through the hard stuff first.

I am working like crazy to make the Frosty Owl 5K a great event for everyone. So far it’s coming along nicely. We are slowly getting everything ready for January 20th! I hope everyone can come out and enjoy the event with me. I promise you will not be disappointed. More updates coming very soon!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Go Dawgs!