A Run Through Music City

Growing up, I wanted to be a country music singer. I had the boots, a hat, and a microphone and thought I was all set to make it happen. Fast forward twenty years and I still love country music but now I only try to sing in the car where no one can hear me! As you can imagine, Nashville was like a dream to someone like myself. Especially when there was country music playing in every honky tonk we passed and a boot store on every corner. Can you believe they had bands playing at 7:00 am along Broadway? I have never seen anything like it.



We picked up our packets for the Rock N Roll Nashville 5K on Thursday when we arrived in Nashville. Rock N Roll always has pretty cool expo’s so I have to check out all the cool running gear while I am there. It’s not like I need another pair of running shoes but it doesn’t hurt to look, right?! I really liked the race shirts we picked up at the expo. They are bright yellow, so they stand out.

Race Day

Our race was moved to 6:15 AM Saturday morning, since it was supposed to be humid. They were not kidding about the humidity, I was sweating standing at the start line a little before 6 that morning. I have always heard Nashville is famous for some hills. They were not kidding about that either. We started the race going up a hill and then it was up and down the rest of the way. We started right in front of the Country Music Hall of Fame and right behind the Bridgestone Arena. From there, we ran past the marathoners and half marathoners that were lined up to run down Broadway. They were all cheering us on. The really cool thing about this race was every mile there was a band that was playing. I made it almost to the mile and a half point before stopping. I was extremely lightheaded and a little dizzy from the heat throughout the race. I apparently did not hydrate well and having very little sleep did not help either. I did the run/walk method the rest of the way to the finish. The finish was beside the Nissan Stadium where the Tennessee Titans play. There was a bridge that connected downtown Nashville to the Nissan Stadium that we ran down to the finish. I was so happy to see the stadium. I could have made it farther but I would have been struggling. I am so glad that I did not sign up for the half marathon. I don’t think I could have made it the entire 13.1 in the heat. I finished the 5K in 38:30 and have never been so glad to see a finish line. The Rock N Roll series always gives really cool medals at the finish, so I was excited to get that medal.

We had an awesome trip and will certainly do this race again next year. This was my first time ever visiting Nashville and it was a blast. I got to check off a few items on my bucket list. One visiting Nashville, two running through the streets of Nashville, and three standing on the Grand Ole Opry stage. I am already planning when I can go back again!

Rock N Roll Savannah

This past weekend I ran the Rock N Roll Savannah 5K. It was a very pretty flat course throughout the moss trees of Savannah. I must say I was feeling pretty exhausted during the race so I didn’t focus on getting a PR. My focus was to complete my first Rock N Roll series race and use it as a training run for my future races. I got a look at what it would be like to run a half marathon by watching the start of the half and full marathon. Just by being at the starting line, got me to thinking how awesome it would be to say I am a half marathoner. The goal is to come back next year and run the half in Savannah. I had an awesome surprise by learning one of my buddies was running the marathon. I was able to cheer him on at the starting line. Congrats to all the finishers.


The Rock N Roll series had an awesome expo that I attended on Thursday. I love expos! All the running gear you need in one place, so it’s a runners paradise. The highlight was winning a free pair of Brooks running shoes. Crazy right? I thought they were joking at first. I just sent my winning card in to get a pair of cushion support shoes to use for my long distance training runs. I also bought a pair for training and 5K’s. I think I am all set to take on next years running adventures. I also became a member of the Atlanta Track Club. Looking forward to checking out a few of their events. Next up: 5K this Saturday in Mansfield.