Goodbye May, Hello June

Being out of town for a weekend and not running a race was hard. I was looking at pictures on Facebook from different runs this past weekend and I saw that I missed out on some really cool races. However, I had a lot of fun relaxing at the beach before facing my longer work days that started this week. For the summer, I have to work 10 hour days but only four days a week. We have Fridays off, which is something we look forward to. I’m currently planning what I want to do on my days off. I’m sure I will find a new hiking spot or take some road trips. June is going to be a busy month along with the months following being just as busy. My summer classes for my degree that I’m working on start Monday which are packed in to just eight weeks. Yoga classes start again next week. I’m so looking forward to this because Yoga gives my overdrive mind a break. I then have a half marathon next weekend. We are running the Hotlanta half through downtown Atlanta. Yes, I am running 13.1 miles in the middle of June. Yes, I am aware that it is a little crazy and it’s going to be hot. It’s sounds like a good idea now but I’m sure by mile 7, I will be questioning why. My goal for this half is simple, it’s not to die. The day after the half marathon, I have to have tooth surgery. I have been told I will not be able to run for a few days or do any other type of training. I’m not looking forward to that part. Anyone that knows me, knows I have a problem sitting still. I am always on the go, so I guess I will have to find some non physical things to occupy myself for a few days. Lastly, my Yoga certification classes start June 30th. I will have to start practicing Yoga poses pretty much everyday. Fortunately, I have some pretty awesome people that will help me practice.

This past month, I have turned my living room in to a workout room. I have Yoga mats, Yoga blocks and weights stacked up along the fireplace. I have started lifting weights several times a week along with working on strengthening the legs. I found a great arm workout video from a professional trainer that I love doing. I have decided that I am going to do another Spartan in November. This gives me plenty of time to gain that upper body strength I want so bad. So far, I have stayed motivated to do some type of workout everyday except for Fridays which is my rest day. The biggest motivator is wanting to be able to hang with the boys during obstacle races. I have always been competitive and I like being able to keep up with the best of them. I also have a 5kayrunningqueen Instagram account where I connect with runners from all over the country. Seeing their posts and posting my own journey is a huge motivator for me as well. If you have an Instagram check out my account and follow for daily posts!

This weekend I am running the Torture Trail 10K. I have been told it really is torture because of the major hills throughout the race. I’m not so sure what I have gotten myself into. I will find out Saturday!

Here’s to Summer fun, hot races, tan lines and of course ice cream!

A Little Rain Never Bothered Us Anyway

What do you do when there’s storms coming and you really need (want) to train? Well you try to beat the storms. Basically the object of the game is to get in some type of run and not get struck by lightning. Most people would ask did you look at the radar before getting out. Our response would be yes, but we thought we could out run it. For those of you that don’t know, I turn in to a track star when there is some thunderstorms coming after me. Tonight we only got in 2.6 before having to call it quits. When we started, it was just sprinkling. As we continued on, the rain got heavier. We only turned around once we heard thunder. We did get to experience some nerve wracking lightning bolts. This is the point where I turned it on, sprinting like a champ to the car. I actually don’t mind running in the rain, I actually like it. It’s not ideal but something about running in the rain can make a person feel pretty cool. Maybe it’s the fact other people think you are crazy and you can respond back with I’m bad like that! Ha!

Two more training days left this week. I took Monday off from running and decided to go rock climbing. I really enjoyed it. It was fun to do something different. Rock climbing is all core strength so it was nice to find out I actually do have some muscles to lift myself up the wall.

The rest of this week is focused on speed training. Getting ready to run a fast course this weekend!

Happy Running!

Let’s Talk Training

Let’s talk food. I have been starving all week since running the half. I can eat breakfast first thing in the morning but by 10 am, stomach is growling and I want food. All week I have been craving grilled chicken and potatoes. (Weird I know). I haven’t wanted anything fried. I actually want fruit and veggies which is not normal for me. I’m also on a kick about wanting dessert. I am not a big dessert person at all but lately I have wanted something sweet. I settled for ice cream and frozen yogurt after running the half to satisfy the sweet tooth.

I did learn a few things during the half marathon. I learned I need to prepare more for it such as drinking a lot more water and eating more healthier foods. I also learned I need fuel during the race. I have since purchased energy gels for future halfs!

I accomplished a huge goal of finishing a half marathon. Therefore, I want to continue to push my endurance level and find fun half marathons to do. I still want to work on speed for accomplishing my goal of running a 5K in less then 30 minutes. I don’t currently have any flat and fast courses so maybe by the time one comes up, I can be ready to set a PR.

Next up, Hot Chocolate Atlanta–5K!

Happy Running!

The Road To Becoming a Half Marathoner

It’s been a long week preparing for my first half marathon. This past Sunday I woke up with a sore throat and I thought I was done before I even got started. My arms and legs were heavy and I knew I couldn’t force myself to do the long run I had planned to do that day. I ended up running 4 miles that afternoon because I felt like I needed to train. Those were 4 rough miserable miles. I had a friend that ran with me the entire time so it took my mind off of how bad I felt. Monday wasn’t any better but I did listen to my friends and took the night off from training. I was determined to beat the cold because I was planning on 13.1 regardless come Saturday. When I set out to do something, I usually don’t let many things stop me from accomplishing the task. Tuesday I felt a lot better and was so relieved that the sore throat went away and I didn’t feel so weak. I ran 3 miles that afternoon and 3 more miles on Wednesday. Total of 13 miles this week. I decided from listening to others advice that it was probably best to take it easy this week with training so I didn’t burn myself out before the weekend.

I made a food plan for this week. I made sure to eat chicken, rice, black beans, eggs, oatmeal, and bananas. I’m sure I will learn what types of foods work best when fueling for half’s as I go along. Does anyone have any go to foods they eat when preparing for long runs? Would love to hear from you guys. You can message me through my blog. There is a contact form at the bottom of my site.

It has been so humbling to see all the responses and support I am getting from everyone. This week has been filled with encouraging messages, texts, and hugs as I venture out to take on this new journey. I have no goal for this weekend other then to conquer the distance! I have been asked if the nerves have set in yet. So far I am more excited (anxious) then nervous. I have already picked out my clothes and shoes and packed my bag. I guess you can say I am ready to go run!

The picture above was sent to me from a sweet friend and is one of my favorite sayings. I will be wearing a good luck bracelet with that saying on it Saturday!

Happy running friends! Thanks for following my journey!

A Week Of Getting Stronger

Are runner’s allowed to have an off day, week? I have asked myself all week why am I doing this? I know I told my friends multiple times this week that I”m not good at this running thing. I don’t usually write post like this telling my struggles from the week, but I have learned from following other running blogs that runner’s like honesty. So let’s be honest, I have been in a lot of pain and doubt this week. Monday night I went on a run and didn’t even want to finish the first mile. I walked for the longest time with all these questions and doubts running through my head. My friend was the only thing that gave me enough motivation to finish the last mile and a half without walking. Tuesday night is when the pain hit. We started going to boot camp twice a week. Boot camp works mainly at getting our legs stronger. Boot camp equals squats which resulted in very tight legs the next day. Wednesday, I walked around work like a penguin because I couldn’t bend my legs from all the soreness. Wednesday night I did a 3.1 mile fast walk to loosen up some of the soreness. Thursday night was boot camp again with more sets of squats followed by laps around the track. Today, my legs are still tight and sore but I can bend them and I can run without gritting my teeth. All of my doubts started to fade towards the end of this week. I think most of it was coming from the anxiety of signing up for my first half marathon next year. I definitely feel like I am getting stronger and I am finalizing nutrition plans to keep me on track to reach my goal. I’m sure I will still have a few off days before the year is over, but I have to remind myself why I run. I run because I can, because there is always the chance to find extraordinary things at the finish line! You never know what you are capable of until you do it!