A Once In A Lifetime Run

This past Saturday, we had the opportunity to run the once in a lifetime Road To Gold: A 2020 Test Event. This run was the last 8 miles of the 2020 Olympic Team Trials Marathon. It was an amazing opportunity for Olympic hopefuls to preview the trials course they will be running on next year. The 2020 Olympic Team Trials held in Atlanta will send 6 Americans to Tokyo for the Olympic Games.

This course featured the best hills Atlanta has to offer. We started near Centennial Olympic Park where the 1996 Olympic games were held and then made our way through midtown then past the Olympic rings back to Mercedes Benz stadium. In my personal opinion though, I couldn’t imagine running this course for 26 miles. However, if you are fast enough to qualify for the Olympics, I assume hills are not a worry.

This was the first time I ran since getting sick last week so I was a little rusty. I purposely took it slow in the beginning because I knew I needed to hold out for 8 miles. I was making great time until after mile 6. I was 1:09 at mile 6 and then after that it was like my body decided to give up. Before I got sick, I had made a goal of 1:30. I was 7 minutes off from that goal so I finished in 1:37:01. That’s still one of my best times for a long run. I was 99 out of 113 in my age group. There was tons of fast people at this race.

I have learned my lesson though that I can’t run a long run and then wake up the next morning and run a 5K. I decided months ago I would sign up for the Run Your Bundts Off 5K which was Sunday after the 8 miler. It sounded like a good idea at the time I registered but at the day of race, it was a terrible idea. I was sore and physically tired so I didn’t have a good race. However, I still got a really neat shirt, a mini bundt cake and a medal.

This weekend we are running closer to home so hopefully we will get to see some friends we haven’t seen in awhile!

Run The Reagan Recap

Does anyone else feel like they need to start 2019 over again? I feel like it has been a long year already and I know we are just heading in to March. After the 10K this past weekend, I came down with a cold. I have been trying so hard to avoid this but there’s no way to truly avoid it. I work around germs all day long so no amount of hand sanitizer can shield you from it. At least it’s just a head cold and nothing more but even a common cold takes everything out of you. I haven’t ran this week and that has bothered me so much. Y’all can laugh at me but I googled, “how long does it take to loose endurance”? Google says after two weeks of no activity, your body starts declining the endurance you have worked to build up. Thankfully its only been a week and I have 11 miles this coming weekend so I can make up for it. I may be as slow as a turtle because I can’t breathe but I am going to give it my best shot.

Enough about sickness, this past weekend I had a huge achievement. I had a PR on a very hilly 10K course called Run The Reagan in Snellville. I was told before I got there that it would be hilly so I already had my mind wrapped around taking it easy. I knew going out it was downhill so I decided I would run as fast as I could the first 3 miles. Even the first 3 miles though had some inclines to have to get up which surprisingly didn’t slow me down. At mile 3, I was 29:58 and mile 3.1 (the turnaround point) I was 30:55. That’s a pretty awesome time for a race with so many inclines. Couldn’t stop there though, I had 3 miles back uphill. Mile 4 I started to think, wow, if I don’t stop, I am going to have a huge 10K PR. Then I hit the second big hill and those dreams quickly disappeared. However, a little after mile 5, I looked at my watch again and was still on track for a PR. How in the world, I can pull that off on a hilly course is beyond me. My friends came back to run with me the last half mile which thankfully they did because I was beat and needed the motivation. I can only motivate myself so much so I really enjoy having friends come back after me when I need it the most. Towards the end of the race is when I always want to give up because I am tired and hurting. With a little downhill boost to the finish, I PR’d with a 1:07:54 knocking a minute off of my best time. I was 4 out of 18 in a 10 year age group. I looked at the results and I would have been 2nd in my age group if it had been the normal 5 year age groups. Regardless, I was very pleased with my performance and time. I felt strong the entire race which is an awesome feeling. This race ended February’s races and now we are on to March.

We have a big race this weekend and next weekend we will be closer to home. I don’t think we have anything else planned in March, but we are looking and I’m sure we will have a full schedule before too long.

A little update on my yoga classes, they are growing!! March classes start next week and I hope to have a full class again. Spring is such a fun time for yoga because people are wanting to get fit for the summer months so if you are looking for a great workout at a low cost, come see me! All of the information can be found on my Facebook. Thanks to everyone who supports my classes. I really do appreciate it and I look forward to Wednesday evenings.

Look for a new post next week on our big race this weekend. Hope to see y’all on the road!

If You Want The Rainbow, You Gotta Run In The Rain

I’m in serious need of sunshine! This rainy weather is making me want to lay around and do nothing. I am pretty sure I have looked at the weather channel more this week then I have in my entire life. I keep refreshing hoping it will change and they will show a break from this drizzly dreary weather! I don’t think there is any hope for that this weekend though. As of now, it looks like it’s going to be a rainy one. This weather can easily make you want to give excuses but sometimes you just have to push past it and go. When I left work today, it was raining but I was determined that no matter what I would run. Once I got to the park though it had stopped and I got my run in before it started again. I have been working really hard, trying to get that rainbow, so I didn’t want to waste this week because of the weather. Now that I have been running more consistently, I have noticed how some runs can leave you feeling like all you are doing is struggling and some leave you feeling great. I always want to get frustrated on my struggle runs but I have learned that regardless every run makes you stronger.

Since my last post, I have ran two awesome 5K’s. The 5K we ran a few weekends ago was called the Super Sweetie 5K in Cumming. The course description said it was flat and fast, however I didn’t believe it would be. I had my doubts because I have learned race descriptions are sometimes not accurate. I was wrong though, this one was flat and fast. It was ran along a greenway and finished with an elevation drop. I loved this course, I wish I lived closer so I could run it more often. I came so close to the 29 minutes in this race. I actually saw it on the clock as I was coming towards the finish line. If only a 5K didn’t have to have the .1, I would have gotten the 29. I finished in 30:25 and placed 2nd in my age group. I was making killer time at mile 1 and 2 but I couldn’t hold on to that speed for mile 3. In the past two months, I have trained myself to run 3 miles without stopping. However, I still struggle with my speed on the last mile. I hope to try again in a few weeks on a flat course to see what time I can get. I feel like I am so close, that I can’t let things get in my way now. I won’t stop until I get it.

This past weekend we ran the Kupcakes & Kandy 5K in Suwanee. I knew before I ran that morning that my body was tired and I probably wasn’t going to run very well. The race also had more inclines then I remembered. I ran a 32:50 and I still don’t know where I finished in my age group. I assume I was forth or fifth but the guy who times these races never shows age groups. There were tons of cupcakes and candy after the race for all runners. I like themed races like these because it’s something we don’t have with the races near home. It’s nice to run something different every now and then.

We will be back closer to home in a few weeks though, so hopefully we will see some friends we haven’t seen in awhile. Hope everyone finds something fun to do this weekend even if it’s not perfect weather conditions!

Cupcake Road Race Recap

Image result for cupcake road race

You wanna know what people love more then cupcakes? They love DOGS! If you let the world know that a race is benefiting animals, over 600 people will show up! I include myself in there, because typically I will run a race that benefits dogs over anything else. Saturday’s Cupcake Road Race in Cumming benefited the Atlanta Humane Society. There are actually several runs out there that benefit AHS and AHS themselves have a lot of great fundraisers for their animals such as Puppy Yoga! We have been to their Puppy Yoga and it’s so much fun!

As you can tell from the name alone there were a lot of perks to this race. You got a shirt, finishers medal and cupcake for running the race. Jimmy Johns also gave mini sandwich’s out to all runners.

I knew going in to the race, the course was hilly. It’s ran along Ronald Reagan Blvd in Cumming. I didn’t expect to be able to run it the way I did. The course had two long hills in it and typically I will finish in 33 or 34 minutes on a hilly course but I finished in 31:14. I really want to know what I can do on a flat course if I did this on a hilly one. I was 7 out of 44 in my age group which is awesome for how many people there was.

I have a few more fun races coming up in the next few weeks! Lots of time will be spent on the road. While most are probably ready for Spring, I am hoping it stays cool for a little while longer. I need some more time to train in what I call the perfect running weather.

Polar Bear Run


We didn’t have many races to choose from this past weekend. There were a few races around home, but none that I was interested in running. Typically we pick the race that sounds the best. The Polar Bear run sounded the best for two reasons. One the shirts are the cutest I have seen for a running shirt in a long time and two the website said it offers a flat and fast course. Seeing those two things made this race the pick for our Saturday race.

Saturday morning was an early morning wake up call because packet pickup was at 6:30 and we had an hour and 40 minute drive. The Polar Bear race is a huge run with over 1000 people. I had it in my mind it was going to be flat and fast and I would have an awesome clock time because I have been training for months for a flat course. When we got there, we drove the course and noticed incline after incline then a hill then some more inclines. In my mind, flat and fast means the course is pancake flat. Now I get that is pretty hard to find in Georgia but I have ran some pancake flat courses around here. After seeing the course, all of my hopes disappeared and I had to prepare myself to be ok with whatever time I got. I think most race directors don’t really understand a lot of the concepts behind putting together a race because they themselves are not runners. In their minds, the course is not all hilly so they label it flat and fast.

As I was running along the course, the course monitors were yelling just make it up this hill. I thought to myself see, y’all admit it’s a hill. I ended up running a 31:31 which is two minutes faster from my other hilly course times and I was 19 out of 46 in my age group. I knew I wouldn’t place at this one but I was running for a Peachtree qualifying time. I have a better qualifying time from a race in December that I can use if I don’t find another certified course before registration opens.

The days are finally getting longer where I don’t have to rush to get to the park before night falls. I usually leave work on two wheels so I can make it in time to get my run in. I looked at the weather for next week and it’s supposed to be warm. I need a few more months of cool weather so I can get my goal before spring gets here. It’s just a matter of pretty much seconds at this point if only I could find a flat course.

Once I reach my goal, I plan to keep going to see how much time I can actually knock off. I don’t have any plans for anything longer then a 10K until this Summer. With that said, I will probably only run two half marathons in 2019. It really takes a lot out of me to do them and it takes me a while to recover so I don’t want to jeopardize my training at the moment.

If anyone is running near the big ATL anytime soon, message me to let me know!