35th Annual Covington Fuzz Run


Most cities at 5 AM on a Saturday morning are relatively quiet, the roads are clear and no one is in sight. However, one city on the morning of September 8th was coming alive to support the men in blue and one of their own fallen officers. Before the rest of the world even thought about waking up, this city had already set up tents, tables, and signs to prepare for the 35th Annual Covington Fuzz Run. The town of Covington was expecting one of the largest crowds to date due to the tremendous support surrounding Officer Cooper #148 who was shot in the line of duty just days before the race. By 6 AM this small town was moving in all directions as everyone scurried around for parking spots and to pick up race packets. One of the coolest sights to see this early in the morning was the number of police cars pulling in from all over the state of Georgia. I stood there and watched as car after car pulled in to show their support. The race was starting later then most with an 8:30 start time. The race didn’t actually get started until closer to 9 due to announcements and the number of people in attendance. People started lining up well before 8:30 and by the time it actually started all you could see was people packed in waiting to hear the words go. I made it a point to start near the front so I wouldn’t be boxed in. I also kinda wanted to be on TV too. Channel 2, CBS 46, and channel 11 were all their showing the race live. Come to find out, I made it on the channel 2 Sunday morning news! I was on there looking all serious as I passed by the camera.


As I mentioned above, tons of police cars came from all over the state to help with the event. They lined the finish area with their cars and turned on their blue lights. As runners came down the hill to the finish, all you could see were blue lights. It was a really neat sight to take in. There was so much support for this event which in turn made it one of the best races I have done. Since it was the 35th anniversary of the race, they gave every finisher a medal. They also give out really awesome door prizes and if you are ever lucky enough to win one, you just might be going home with a huge flat screen TV.

Huge shoutout to the Covington Police Department for putting on a very well organized/ fun race and always taking care of the runners while we are on the road. Also a shoutout to a few of the forces I saw along the route: Augusta Police, Jefferson City, Cobb County, Clayton County, Gainesville Police, and City of Monroe. I know there were dozens of others but these are the one’s I remember seeing and thanking as I passed. Thank you to all of you for your service.

Sending well wishes to Officer Matt Cooper, God bless you and your family!




Here’s To New Beginnings


I have had this blog post started for a week now and haven’t figured out how to finish it. It has nothing to do with running but it’s about yoga so technically it still falls under the fitness category.  I have learned recently that every end is a new beginning. When one door closes sometimes a better door opens. I have been teaching yoga on my own for eight months now and love it. My classes are Monday nights and are a great start to my week. However I have had a lot of changes recently with my classes. I once had a lot of contacts at the college I used to work at, so I was able to jump in to teaching right after I completed my training program. The college allowed me to use a classroom and teach from the college as a contractor since I am no longer employed there. It was an awesome opportunity and I was able to hold classes for the public and employees of the college.

I had a wonderful class going, we were deepening and advancing our practice and then all of a sudden a few weeks ago within a few hours from class time, the college emails me to ask that I cancel class for the night. I don’t like short notices and being a yoga instructor, you already have your heart set on the class. So I email all my students and say class is canceled we will resume next Monday. Monday roles around and again the college emails me within a few hours of when the class is supposed to be and ask me to cancel and then tells me the entire yoga program is being canceled. Not going to lie I was pretty heartbroken. You know what I did though? First, that I night I went for a run to get my frustration out and then the next day I began searching for a new location.


I had my doubts about finding a new location. I am not the kind that likes teaching in a yoga studio and having to base my practice and class around what others believe. I teach yoga as a form of exercise, nothing more. When you come to my class, you are coming to workout not sit on your mat and make sounds or do anything spiritual. I think that’s where a lot of people get confused because they think that’s what yoga is. Ask any of my students though and they will tell you, I make them work it out and sweat. Anyways, long story short, I work for a school system and have some pretty cool contacts there that are letting me use a classroom to hold my classes. So I now have an awesome new location and I finally have my Monday night classes back and can not be more excited. I am very thankful for this opportunity and thankful that I can expand my practice to a whole new group of people.

Interested in trying yoga, come see me in Athens at the Athens Community Career Academy. Classes are every Monday night from 5:30-6:30 PM unless it’s a holiday or the school system is closed. For more information, visit www.blissfulyogaathens.com



Here Comes August


Now I can officially say it, I can’t believe summer is over! Schools are starting back and football is right around the corner. I am ready for football, but I am not ready for all the madness to start at work. We support all the teachers in the district with their technology needs, so we stay on the run until Thanksgiving. It can be really tough somedays, and there are moments when you begin to question your career choice. However, we get a lot of great stories out of it from dealing with all kinds of people. August also marks the beginning of my final semester at school so I will be graduating with my degree in December. Found out today that everything is good to go and I will have that degree in hand at the end of the year!

IMG_0925Ok, moving on to the main part of why I write. I noticed I have started blogging about my entire life, but I have so much going on it kind of just goes with the whole story. This past weekend we ran the Walnut Grove Breakaway 5K. I missed this race last because of teacher training so I was happy to get to run it again. They have always put on a good race and the course is a fairly good one. The course is mostly flat with a big long incline coming back towards the finish. This heat and all the rain we have been having is knocking me out of training. Therefore, my time is back up but I have learned that’s ok, still trumping the people on the couch. I finished in 36:00 minutes with a burning red face and in need of water. I still managed a third place win in my age group. The need for water eventually turns in to hunger and I end up usually at a Chick-fil-A. I’m not sure if I have told you all about my obsession with chick-fil-a. There is a joke that if I eat chick-fil-a before the race, I will run faster. I have proven it to be true especially in the winter. Side note about Chick-fil-a, if y’all don’t have it already, download the app to your phone because they have a new reward program. For every dollar you spend you get 10 points and those points turn in to redeemable free food. You just tell them when you order you would like to scan your barcode in your app and the points are applied. The more points you get, the better free food you can redeem. Check it out if you are a chick-fil-a eater like myself.


I do happen to love August for the sole reason that it marks the beginning of all the best fall races. This weekend we are running a race called Run for Noses and it’s proceeds goes to help the dogs. I am all about running races for the dogs, because I am a huge animal lover.

Next weekend, I will be running the Brain Fitness 5K in Athens for a friend of mine. I don’t know about the rest of August just yet, but I know something will come up. I have been looking ahead and September looks like it’s going to be the month for awesome races. I will post my upcoming schedule once I make a decision on which one’s I am doing.

See you guys on the road!





Summer Heat

It has seriously been awhile since I have posted so I thought I would get some writing in. I promise, I am not giving up on the blog, just busy with finishing up my degree. Just finished summer semester yesterday and I feel like I can breathe again. Only one more semester left this Fall and I couldn’t be more excited. Finally going to get more time to do the things I enjoy most.

I can’t believe summer is almost to an end. We are gearing up for the school year to start again in a little over a week at work. It doesn’t even feel like we have had a summer, I guess because we have stayed pretty busy at work with different projects.

I have been looking back on my runs since the Raliegh Half Marathon and I haven’t ran that many races this summer. It’s always slow in the summer though. Back in June we ran the Navi-Gator 5K in Cumming and the Made in The USA 5K in Sugar Hill. Awesome races but they have crazy hills and mix those with heat and you get nothing but slow from this girl. My favorite race this summer of course was the Peachtree. It was a lot of fun and there is so much going on which so return I stay highly entertained. Staying highly entertained makes me forget about the fact I can’t breathe, legs were on fire, and sweating like I was tossed in a pool. In all seriousness though, I did feel like I got overheated and I should have been more prepared on the hydration side but I made it. My finishing time was around 1:24 which is normal for me on a 10K in the summer months. I can’t wait for the 50th Peachtree next year, I bet Atlanta Track Club is going to go all out for the 50th.


The only other race I have ran since the Peachtree was the 5K I ran in St. Augustine. It was one of the best courses I have ever ran because it was super flat. However, that Florida heat just doesn’t let up so I was on the struggle bus to the finish. I finished under 40 minutes so I consider that a win. I can now mark the Bridge of Lions 5K off of my list. I have plenty more on my list for next year in Florida that I can hopefully check off.


This weekend I am running the Walnut Grove 5K. I missed this race last year, so I’m glad it worked out to where I am in town to run it.

I will write more very soon. I have a month off until my final semester starts again so hopefully I can get in some good posts.


Race 13.1 Raleigh

I’m going to start out by saying that if you have never been to Raleigh, GO TO Raleigh. It’s an awesome place with a thriving community full of amazing restaurants, swanky bars and unique art galleries. We left for Raleigh early Friday morning so I could pick up my packet before the race. We arrived in Raleigh right around lunchtime and found this cool Greek restaurant right beside the hotel for a quick bite to eat. We stayed at the Holiday Inn downtown which was walking distance to everything downtown has to offer. After lunch we did some exploring and then drove to get my packet at the running store. There was no expo for this race so it was a quick in and out. The area around the running store is so pretty and reminded me of the Five Points area in Athens. Super cute houses and a great walking/biking area. The GPS took me through this area so I was able to see some of the course before race day. The first thing I noticed was the hills, which I have to say, makes Athens seem flat. The race started at 7:15 Saturday morning. I was so worried Friday night about the race because I knew it was going to be hilly and the last hilly half I did, did not go so well. I was worried about nothing, even though it was one of the more strenuous half’s I have done, my legs felt great the entire time. The course was ran a long a shaded neighborhood and green way, so I was thankful that I was in the shade the majority of the time. Around mile 2, I had this really sweet lady come up to me and ask would I like a running buddy. I was running alone by this point, because I couldn’t keep up with my friend Barbara. I was so thankful to have someone to run with to keep me motivated. I don’t do good in heat and will basically shut down if it gets over 70 degrees. We stayed together the rest of the race and talked and kept each other motivated by encouraging each other as we did our run/walk strategy. I now have a North Carolina friend and are keeping in touch through Facebook. Having someone to talk to made the time pass by more quickly. Before I knew it, we were at mile 12, about to climb the very last hill. The last hill was half a mile long and was straight up. We were exhausted by this point, so we had to push ourselves up it. We finished in 3:18, (not my best time but I had a blast getting to make a new friend). The finishers medal was really cute and had a squirrel on it which is what Raleigh is known for. I was told they actually drop an acorn at New Year’s. Overall, I am really glad Barbara invited me to the race and I was able to run my 10th half marathon with her.

After the race, I was starving so I went back to the hotel to get cleaned up and we headed out to this really great barbecue place called The Pit. If you are ever in Raleigh, stop by and try their BBQ and friend chicken! I don’t normally eat fried chicken but it sounded too good to pass up and it was! We stayed until Sunday afternoon and got to explore all of downtown Raleigh and Chapel Hill. I had a lot of fun the entire trip and will defiantly go back sometime in the near future. Thanks to my awesome friend, Cheryl for coming with me and exploring the city with me. Here we are with our Frose’s!