A Yogi Filled Week + A Runderful Weekend

Last week was marathon training week at Yoga. Three nights and one day long training equals a very tired runner. Only 5 more weeks of Yoga training and then I get some rest before I start teaching on my own. I am super excited about teaching on my own. I have had a lot of people approach me about it who are interested in coming to my classes. I will write a separate post about this in more detail but my classes will be filled with stretching and focusing on Yoga as a form of exercise. My beginners classes will be very relaxed and I will spend the majority of the time explaining the poses and their benefits so no one is lost. I want my classes to be fun and relaxing. I promise I will not sing to you at the end of the workout. I say this because I had a girl sing to my training class this weekend and I found it to be extremely weird. The song was about autumn and birds. Anyone who knows me knows this is not my style. Unless you want me to sing, in the case it will be a country song and will be very pitchy. HA! Look for more information soon, I can’t wait to have all of my friends in one place!

Saturday night I rushed home from training to get changed for the Spooktacular Sprint 5K. I ran this race last year and it was a cool run even though the course was long. This year they had the course mapped out correctly. This run goes along a paved trail through the woods. If you don’t have lights, you are in trouble because it’s extremely dark. We all know I ran as fast as I could through the woods so bigfoot didn’t get me. haha. With that said, I finished in 34:54 and placed first in my age group. If you are looking for a night Halloween run in October, check this one out, they have medals!

Sunday afternoon, I ran the Run Your Tail Off 5K for the dogs. I will run any race if it benefits dogs. I LOVE dogs, they are so cute! This race was ran at the same place where I train through the week. I know the course very well and it’s out and back but it is an awful course. It doesn’t appear to be hilly but it’s not flat. There is a little bit of incline that you don’t notice until you cross the finish line and your time is all wrong. It’s also very hot every year at this race. I have ran this race for several years and have never been able to place at it. Number 1 it’s hot and number 2 the course is not the best out there. I finished in 37:05 and placed 4th in my age group. It doesn’t matter that I never place, I just run to help the puppies!

This coming weekend, I will be running my 5th half marathon, the AthHalf! I hope the cooler weather kicks in Sunday morning so I’m not dying the entire way. I heard there will be live music throughout the course which should be really cool. Look for a recap next week!



50 Yard Lines, Colored Chalk and Pink Ribbons

I didn’t realize it has been so long since I posted. I have been super busy with everything I have  going on that I have neglected my blog.  Don’t give up on me though. Lots of really awesome things coming up for me to tell you all about. Trying to plan a 5K, finish up Yoga training, and creating Yoga sequences for my soon to be classes is wearing me out. Don’t think I have given up on this running thing I do, nor will I give it up. I still have that goal of getting under 30 minutes, it just may be after the new year before I can reach that goal.

As you can tell from the title, I have not slowed down from running. I ran 3 races this past weekend and had so much fun. Saturday morning we ran the Mercedes-Benz Stadium 5K put on by the Atlanta Track Club. We finished on the 50 yard line of the new stadium and it was awesome! Hands down, the coolest experience. It was a great course but had a few hills. You can’t go to Atlanta or Athens without climbing some hills during a race. I stayed back with my sister since their was over 6,000 people there so she wasn’t running alone. She wanted to walk and talk and I wanted to run so I had to compromise. I made her run in to the stadium though since it was a big deal. We finished right on the 50 yard line and of course I’m the one running in with the phone up in the air videoing the stadium. If you have not been inside this stadium yet, you should check it out! Finishing inside the stadium was the main reason there was so many people wanting to run this race. However, the race benefited a really good cause. The proceeds went to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. I’m sure some of you remember Emily Bowman who was severally injured by a drunk driver several years ago in Athens. She was there with her mother at the race, so it was nice to see the proceeds going to a great cause.

Saturday night, we drove to Augusta for the Blacklight Color Run. From Atlanta to Augusta, I’m always moving right along to the next city! The Blacklight run was just like any other color run, where they throw color that glows all over you. I must say, it’s not as much color throwing as you might be imagining. There was hardly any color thrown on us while we were running. We were able to get colored before the run at the pre-party so that’s where we got most of it from. Regardless, we still had a lot of fun dancing and singing at the pre-party. It was a late night getting back home and an early wake up call the next morning for the third race of the weekend!


Sunday morning, we ran the Gwinnett Road Run 5K at the Mall of Georgia. Even after two races Saturday and a late night, I was feeling pretty good. We ran two loops around the Mall of Georgia. It’s farther around that mall then I thought it was. I had a pretty good clock time considering I was tired. I finished in 35:24 and placed first in my age group out of 10. They had really cute medals and awesome trophies. I have added this race to the list of races to hit up again next year.

Look for more posts coming soon! I will try to not take so long in updating my blog this time. Thanks to everyone for their support! I have a lot of people behind me as I navigate these roads!

The Races Before The Storm

I am loving this Fall weather we are having! It’s so nice to have a cool breeze on my runs. I can finally get back to enjoying them now that it is not so hot out. What I am not loving is all of this rain we are having. It has made me lazy. I’m so glad we were able to get in two awesome races before the tropical storm got here. Saturday we ran the Fuzz Run 5K in Covington for the Covington Police Department. I have never seen so many runners in such a small town. There was over 1800 runners that filled the streets. Covington may be small but it has a big name in the entertainment world. One of our favorite TV shows, The Vampire Diaries was filmed there. The course took us right by a few of the houses/ mansions and the restaurant  that were used for the Tv show. I did not even act weird and stop for selfies! I finished the race in 36:35 and my favorite part, I finished 30 out of 101 in my age group. I did not place, but I find it very cool that I beat that many people.

Now that it has turned cooler weather, it’s hard not to run multiple races in one weekend. Sunday afternoon we ran the Fred Birchmore 5K in Athens. It was a little breezy out from the storm coming but it felt so nice. Perfect weather for a Sunday afternoon run. I really enjoyed getting to hang out with a few of my friends that I haven’t seen a lot of this summer. I was also able to beat my time from Saturday’s race with a time of 36:01 and placed third in my age group.

As soon as I was done running, I had to get to a free Yoga class for one of the extra classes I have to participate in for my teacher training class. I have discovered a few things in the last few days. I have discovered that I really like hot yoga and I really like outside yoga. The free class my friend and I went to was outside on the lawn and that alone was awesome but the breeze made it feel even better.

This weekend we are running the Winterville Breeze 5K.

Third and second place wins on Sunday


~Queen Beast Fitness~

Butterfly Dreams 5K Recap

My favorite time of the year is when the morning air turns cool, Georgia Football is on TV and pumpkins begin to fill the stores. Saturday mornings become a lot easier when it’s not already 85 degrees at the start of the race. The Butterfly Dreams 5K had perfect weather and the cool air made it feel like a nice Fall morning. Leading up to the 5K I was pretty worried about my leg. Two days ago I had one of those charlie horse muscle spasms which usually happens quite often for me but this time the knot did not go away. I tried sports creams in hopes for it to ease up by the start of the race but it did not move. I couldn’t even walk on the leg yesterday without flinching with every move I made. I tried to role my leg out with my roller but rolling over the knot made me nauseous. Not that anyone cares to know that detail! Even with my leg giving me fits, I was determined to have a good clock time. I have been sick the past two weeks so now that I can finally breathe again I was ready to see what I could do with the cool weather. The Butterfly Dreams 5K is by no means the easiest course out there. There are a few hills that accompany it but even so, I tend to have a good clock time each year. Today I finished in 34:33 which is my best time all summer. Now that it is starting to get cooler, I can go back to training after I get off of work. I will be excited to see if I can get under 30 before the end of the year. I know people tell me to just go out there and have fun with it, but having goals keeps me motivated. I have to keep motivated or I will tend to just eat cookies and cupcakes and call it a day! After all these years, I placed 3rd in my age group and was able to get a butterfly! The butterfly’s are very special because they are in memory of the former owner of Classic Race Services who passed away several years ago. I was so excited about the butterfly that I was walking around singing I get a butterfly! It is proudly displayed on my wall now! It’s a proud moment when my friends and I place at a race because it’s rare which makes it even more exciting.

If you ever get the chance to run a 5K, come run the Butterfly Dreams which supports kids with special needs. It’s a great race, with friendly people, a challenging course and awesome awards. They even bring over a few horses which are used for the therapeutic riding program for kids. This is one of my favorite races and my favorite way of kicking off all the Fall races coming up.


Labor Day, we will be in Atlanta for the Big Peach Sizzler 10K. Looking forward to seeing what it will be like! We will be running from the Chamblee Marta Station and finishing near Lenox Square. Look for my recap of that race that afternoon. Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend! Good luck to everyone who will be racing Monday.

Go Dawgs!

80’s Run Recap/Short Update

Saturday, we ran the South Hall Rotary Club 80’s 5K in Flowery Branch. I knew before I started the run Saturday that I was about to come down with a cold. Thankfully, it waited until I was done running before hitting me with an ever dreaded sore throat. The race did not start until later in the morning and with the sun straight up at that point, I was going to be happy just to finish. I barely made it to mile 1 before having to walk for a few. By mile 2, I was done and did not want to run anymore. I had to force myself to run in to the finish. I finished in 37:40 and placed 4th in a ten year age group.

As I sit here writing my very short blog post for the weekend, I can barely breathe and everything I eat has a weird taste. So I hope this is gone before this coming Saturday’s race. I will be running the Running For Rankin 5K and I hope to see all my friends I have not seen in months!

This week I only have one night of Yoga teacher training class. Thank goodness for that. I am counting down the days until I am done. It takes a lot of time and energy which is limited right now with everything else I have going on. My Fall classes start today and I am also planning a 5K for my alumni association. I am waiting on approval of designs before releasing the information out to social media. Classic Race Services will be timing it and it will be January 20th so go ahead and mark your calendars, for the 1st Annual Frosty Owl 5K benefiting the Athens Tech Alumni Association.

Hugs & Blessings
~Queen Beast Fitness