Rain, Rain Go Away


Don’t get me wrong, I am so glad it’s raining and not leaving us feeling like we live in a desert. However, I would love to get a run in without planning it around thunderstorms and rain. I use to like running in the rain but I guess because I always have something to do afterwards I don’t want to be soaking wet when done. Therefore, training has been on hold until the sun decides to shine again. I’m so glad we were able to get in the run this past Saturday and an awesome hike in on Sunday without it pouring down. Saturday’s race was in Monroe called the Run For Kids 5K benefiting the Walton County Boys and Girls Club. It was an awesome race with the best awards I have seen in a long time. All of the fast people must have knew they gave cool awards because I was 5th place in my age group. The 4 girls ahead of me were all under 30 minutes so I didn’t stand a chance. I came in at 34:21. Regardless, it was a nice flat course, the rain held off and I got to see some sweet friends so it was a great morning.

I really hope I can get a run in tomorrow afternoon. My training plan for getting a sub 30 has started and I have 4 miles to run tomorrow for my first workout. I haven’t stopped talking about this training plan. I have high hopes for it and hopefully it will sort out what I am doing wrong. My goal race is in October so that leaves me all summer to train and get stronger in the heat.

I have a busy weekend ahead. We leave for Raleigh on Friday and I run my 10th half marathon on Saturday. I have never been to Raleigh so it will be a fun trip. I can’t wait to go exploring and try some new restaurants. When I get back from the trip, I will have to hit the ground running. My summer classes start Monday and I am teaching yoga that night. Next week, I will be diving completely in to the new training plan and we are signed up for a middle of the week 5K for national running day. Lots going on but really when is there not. Look for a Raleigh post next week!

See you on the road!


Firehouse 5K Recap


I have found one of my new favorite races, the Firehouse 5K in Covington. Covington is such a cute small town to begin with, which its best known as the filming location of the TV show The Vampire Diaries. I know The Vampire Diaries is kind of old news but I once really enjoyed the show and I still like going to eat at the now famous Mystic Grill in downtown. I think I really enjoyed this race because of the atmosphere and all of our awesome friends were there. There was so many people at this race, I knew from the beginning it was a given I would not place in my age group. Therefore, you just run and enjoy the sightseeing when all else fails. We were able to run for a finisher’s medal at this race. I know some people have mixed feelings about finisher’s medals but I think if you can take something home to remember the race by then that’s all you really need! I also enjoyed getting to run with a friend the last two miles of the race. We were trying to get under 34 minutes but just couldn’t make it because of the humid temperatures. I think if it had been cooler we would have got the 33 minutes. We came in at 34:26 and once again I was happy to see the clock. I shut down in warm weather so I consider it a win if I come in under 35 minutes during the summer months.



We will once again have to get use to the hot temperatures this summer during our training runs. We don’t get off until 5 in the summer and we have to be there at 7 in the mornings when school is out so there is no time to run but at night when it’s brutal out. We run down a greenway and this time of year snakes are really bad. You have to watch every step you take and make sure every stick is not a snake. We ran right in to one last night and it was a good thing I was not by myself, I would have never saw it until it was too late. We trained at this place all last summer so I think making sure we keep a close eye out for ones curled up we will be ok. Can’t let snakes or the heat ruin our training.

I am going to go ahead and say this so it’s out there and I will stay motivated. My goal once again is to get under 30 minutes at a race in October that I have selected as my goal race. I have all summer to train while it’s hot to get me ready for the cooler weather. I have started eating better and watching calories of everything I eat. I believe you can find a happy balance of enjoying those french fries or whatever you love every once in awhile as long as you stay on track. I am one of those people who won’t stick to a hardcore plan. I still have to enjoy a cheat day every once in a while because I love food. There is a joke at work that I am always hungry and it’s true I stay hungry therefore I can’t dive into cutting out all calories. Since I am on the new diet, work out plan and about to start a training plan for the race in October, I will blog about it here on my page. Get ready to read the good, the bad and the ugly that comes along with trying to reach a goal. I will do a separate post about all of this in the next week or two.

Update on my Yoga business: so I have been trying to get my yoga classes to take off in Braselton and I’m going to just put it honestly, it’s not happening. The last two times I have went to Braselton, I have not had a single person come out for the classes. There has been a lot of interest and shares on my Facebook event and page but no one has actually showed up. Therefore, I think it’s time I cut my losses and move on. I know it’s a tough market when there is not really a core group to work with. A friend of mine made perfect since by saying there is not really a ready made group at a boutique store. If you think about it, you need a gym or school or church that has a core group in order to really drum up business. I don’t know where I will go from here with my classes. I am looking for a place where I can teach 2-3 times a week near home so if you know of anything please message me. Until I can find a place to call mine, I will keep teaching my awesome Monday night class. Hopefully I can find a place soon so these awesome students I have can benefit from twice a week practice instead of one time a week.


Coming up: I am running a 5K in Monroe Saturday and next Saturday, I will be in Raleigh for the Race 13.1 half marathon.

See you on the road!

Month In Review: April 2018

What a crazy month it has been. I can’t believe we are already in May, with summer quickly approaching us. Now that the warmer weather is here, the training gets that much harder. I can’t tell you how many times in the past week I have wanted to just sit, but I forced myself to get out and run anyway. I know I haven’t written much during the month of April, but I haven’t given up on it. I have been super busy with work, school, teaching and staying on the road. I am so excited, I finished my spring semester so I have a month off. I hope to get some blog post in during that time. I only have two more semesters before graduating with my bachelor’s degree in Technology Leadership. The month of April is also a very busy time for us at work because of state testing going on. With all of the students testing on laptops, we are pulled in so many different directions. Testing is now over so hopefully things will slow down for us. Among everything else, my Yoga class on Monday nights is going great. I have 10 students signed up for the May session. I love teaching and watching my students make progress week after week. I have a wonderful class and I’m so thankful for their support. I start teaching on Sunday afternoons in the summer in Braselton starting May 20 and will go through every Sunday  throughout the summer unless noted. I have two outdoor classes to choose from. There will be a beginner yoga class and a power yoga class. Power yoga goes at a faster pace and is perfect for those who are looking for a great workout at a great price. If you have friends near the Braselton area, I would be very grateful if you could help spread the word.

Let’s talk races! April was once again filled with some awesome races. Here is a list of all the races I have done over the last month. After getting back from Charleston, I ran the Johns Creek’s Finest 5K on April 14th. It was a great run with awesome awards. Can’t believe I was able to place third in such a large race.


April 21st we ran Paint the Pavement Purple in Suwanee.


April 28th we ran Pounding for Paws in Arcade. This is one of my favorite races because it helps raise money for food and shelter for dogs.


May 5th Dad and I ran the Make A Wish 8K at Stone Mountain. It was 5 miles around the mountain. I have found, Stone Mountain is a great place to run. The path goes all the way around the mountain, it is nice and shaded and has the right amount of hills for training.


This coming weekend we will be running the Marigold 10K in Winterville. May and June are both busy months of being on the road. We have some pretty fun races coming up so look for more blog post soon!





Back To The Basics


The last few month’s have been spent traveling around to different half marathons. With these longer runs, comes a longer recovery time. It’s the kind of time that adds up and eventually the days have went by so fast that you are staring right at Spring. How can it be April already? It feels like yesterday, we were celebrating the New Year. Needless to say between half marathons, sickness, and crazy weather, training hasn’t been my friend. I have come to accept that whatever happens will happen. One day, I may get under 30 and if I do, that will be awesome but I’m not going to beast myself up in the process. The days I can run, I will run and the days I can’t run, well I won’t worry about it. I just have to accept that I can only push myself so far. I always have to be on the go but sometimes I need to remind myself it’s ok to take a break. With all that said, I have a nice little break from half marathons. I don’t have another half scheduled until June in North Carolina. Therefore, I am back to the basics of training for 5K runs. The last two weekends have been 5Ks. We ran the Gwinnett Life Run and the Sunset Strut 5K on March 24th. I have been on the go since then and working on classes and side jobs that I haven’t had a chance to write about these races. Side note: I have been going back and forth trying to get my classes worked out so I can graduate with my degree this December. I finally got it all worked out and set to graduate on time. Back to runs, this past weekend we ran the Frank Baccus 5K in Monroe. The Frank Baccus is one of those runs that stick with you and you go back year after year.

The Frank Baccus has an awesome flat course with a few slight inclines that is ran out in the country. There is nothing but the road and some cows which is why I enjoy it so much. It’s also a race that so many of my friends come to so its great to see everyone in one place. I must say, I didn’t run good this year. I was expecting to be able to run like I did the previous weekend but that didn’t happen. I didn’t know I was so tired until the race started and I was out of breath before the first mile. Regardless of clock time, it was a great morning with wonderful people and I still placed 2nd in my age group. They have really cute pottery awards that are shaped as a cross. I think this was my third year in a row placing in my age group. There is no better way to kick off Spring then with this annual 5K.

This weekend, I will be traveling to Charleston, SC to the Cooper River Bridge Run. This will be my first time running this 10K and I am super excited. I am meeting up with a friend of mine and we are going to run the race together. I had to talk a friend in to coming with me and in order to do so, I had to bribe her with concert tickets for her birthday. So, we are going to Myrtle Beach Friday night for the concert and traveling back to Charleston that night so I can get right back up and get on the bus for the run. I know I will be dragging but it’s all for the fun. Some would call us crazy and maybe we are, but that’s ok! We are driving back home Saturday afternoon so I can attend Wanderlust with some friends on Sunday. Wanderlust is a 5K + Yoga on the lawn in Piedmont Park. Ok, now you can call me crazy. I should sleep well Sunday night, that is for sure.

Look for a post next week on my Charleston experience and Wanderlust. Hope everyone is enjoying this awesome weather. See you out on the road!

Disney Princess Half Marathon & 5K

“A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes!”

It’s been a few days since Disney and things are starting to settle down so I thought this would be the perfect time to write about my runDisney experience. First off, the whole runDisney experience was amazing and it’s something every Princess runner needs to experience. Best half marathon and 5K run I have ever done. There are a lot of Princes out there but most of them are not going to enjoy a Disney Princess run for the most part. I suggest all you Prince charming runners check out the Star Wars half and 5K in April. This was my first trip to Disney World and the one thing I learned, is Disney does it up big. Everything is magical and everything is spot on. Did I mention everywhere you look is clean? No trash anywhere. Being a technology guru by day, I was overwhelmed with the amount of technology that goes in to all of the productions that are put on there. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how they do it. I think it’s super cool the way Disney takes things to a whole new level. Anyways, enough about all of that, back to the runs.


IMG_8607We arrived at Disney World on Thursday to attend the expo. The expo is a huge event broken down in to 3 different buildings. There is so much to look at everywhere you turn. Here is some advice if anyone is looking to run there, go and pick up your bib number first. Make sure you print and sign your waiver. Then go and pick up your shirt in the next building before attending the actual expo. There are lines at every station so make time to get the important things checked off the list first. RunDisney has a huge expo and there are lots of people which makes it hard to look. I thought the expo was great but everything was pretty pricey and I felt like I was being rushed so I didn’t get to look all that much. RunDisney has another whole building dedicated to rundisney apparel and merchandise. I was so overwhelmed at the amount of stuff and yet this was the first expo where I didn’t buy anything. If you can go right when the expo opens and go alone if you have to. Trust me, more time to look and see things that way.


0C89A09C-2083-4E0E-B4F8-82BC732ED4D6 (1)3 AM comes very fast when you don’t get in the bed until after midnight. When we arrived Thursday, the hotel had given us the wrong room. No big deal, Disney is awesome and will fix any mistake like that right away. We changed rooms at midnight, hoped in to bed and was awaken at 3 AM to get ready for the 5K on Friday. You have to be at the buses at 3:30 AM to load up to head to the start. Another advice, pay more to stay inside the park so you can get transported everywhere by a Disney bus. So worth every penny. Disney buses will pick you up at any Disney resort, take you to the start, and pick you up at the finish. They also take you back and forth to every park throughout the day and night. We arrived at the start outside of Epcot around 4:00 AM and found our corral. I was supposed to be in B but I moved back to walk with one of my friends. The race started at 5:30 but we didn’t get started until after 6. The first mile of the race was roads outside of Epcot and not a whole lot to see. They had Rapunzel playing on a big screen about a half mile in which was cool. After mile 1, we came inside Epcot and ran around the entire loop of the park. The 5K was so much better than the half marathon because they had more music playing and characters throughout the race. The lines were so long, we didn’t stop to meet any of the characters along the 5K route. We were highly entertained by all of our favorite Disney songs along the way. There were also great photo opportunities without having to wait in line. Epcot is such a pretty park and all of the cultures seem so real that we ran past. I had a blast getting to dress up for these runs. I was Cinderella for the 5K and Belle from Beauty and the Beast for the half. I wasn’t running any of these races for a clock time, so I took the time to just enjoy the scenery. Talk about the best finisher medals in the land! RunDisney has the best medals you have ever seen. Rapunzel was on the 5K finisher medal. Tangled is one of my favorite movies and Beauty and The Beast is my all time favorite. The half marathon finishers medal was an apple from Snow White.


Half Marathon:

IMG_8822Again, 3 AM comes way too fast especially when you are having fun. Sunday morning we ran the half marathon and the same schedule applied. Up at 3, bus at 3:30, start at 4, race begins at 5:30 yet it took us an hour to get to the start line since we were in corral H because I forgot to submit a time. Never again do I want to be in the last corral for any Disney race. It was like being on an interstate that is backed up because of a wreck. We were in “traffic” the entire 13.1 miles of the race. I will say, I was disappointed with how much time we spent on the actual interstate and not inside a park. We were inside Magic Kingdom for maybe a little over a mile before getting back on a highway. The highlight of the race was getting to run through the castle and of course I had to stop to get a pic. Plus it wasn’t like we could run a whole lot anyways because of all the people. There were 25,000 people running the half. Therefore, we walked the majority of the time which was fine because we were tired anyway from our time spent at the parks. The half marathon didn’t have as many characters along the way but we did stop for one character picture. I think RunDisney puts more effort in to their small distance races versus the longer distances. I did enjoy the start of the half more then the 5K because of the fireworks that went off with every corral start. I thought that was really cool.


I don’t think this will be my last RunDisney experience. I plan to do this again at some point. I know this wont be my last trip to Disney World either, because we have already booked our next trip for Thanksgiving. I am taking my sister to Disney this time without having to get up early for runs. We can enjoy the parks more that way.