Peachtree Recap

I finally got to mark the largest 10K in the world off of my bucket list, the AJC Peachtree Road Race. With this being my first Peachtree, I was so excited to see what it was all about. Hearing other people talk about it doesn’t do it justice to actually experiencing it. The Peachtree is filled with streets full of spectators, live music and people handing out pizza and beer. I have never experienced anything quite like it. Running the Peachtree, requires a 2AM wake up call in order to get to Atlanta well before the start. We caught the first Marta train at 4:45 and made our way over to Lenox Square Mall. I have never taken the Marta train before, so that in itself was an experience. Things that move real fast, such as a train going from 0 to 60 in seconds, will cause me to get sick. Once we got off the train, we headed to the start line to find friends. Dad and I being some of the early risers walking around, made it to channel 2 action news. I love to talk, I can go on and on about stuff, but if you put a camera in my face I clam up. If you ever want me to stop talking, just say you are videoing me. Anyways, the lady puts the phone in my face and says what do you expect from today? Now typically, I would come up with something kind of funny to say. Not this time, I’m over there like um I expect a big crowd and I just want to finish *Insert giggles*. Yes, I laughed nervously and made it all awkward. I’m good at making stuff awkward sometimes, so it’s been funny poking fun at myself this week showing friends the video from Channel 2.

After I got my press interview out of the way, I was excited to see all the people start to fill the streets. It’s awesome that 60,000 people from all over the world, come to run the Peachtree. With that many people though, it makes for some very large corrals. I was in corral H but they had a big screen TV lifted where I could watch the start of the race. I thought that was a really cool thing to do for the runners towards the back, so we could still enjoy seeing the elite runners take off. Another really cool thing about the start of the Peachtree, is the two F-16 fighter jets that fly over after the national anthem. Something about the loud noise, really gets people motivated, at least it does for me. After the two jets flew over, I was ready to go. I started the race at 8:05 AM. One thing I didn’t notice during the Peachtree was the famous Cardiac Hill. I don’t remember going up any hills, however, I was so entertained by everything going on I just didn’t notice. I was literally in awe at the number of people as I was running down the streets. The fact people were handing out pizza and beer during a race was awesome. As was the music and number of people cheering for us.  I must say, it was extremely hot and I already knew this was just a fun race for me, so I walked most of it. We ran past the Shepard Center and there were quite a few patients out there cheering us on. I stopped and shook their hands and thanked each of them for cheering for us.

I ran the last half mile in to the finish. All the people screaming preoccupied my mind from telling myself to stop. I finished in 1:23:53, not horrible considering I was taking selfies and talking to people. I was 1788 out of 2,825 in the female 25-29 age category. I was 13,712 out of 27,790 in the female category and 32,514 out of 55,326 overall.

The Peachree was an amazing experience and I hope to run it again next year and every year after that.

Torture Trail 10K Recap

This past Saturday was the Torture Trail 10K in Eatonton. The race certainly lives up to its name. I think it had more hills then any other race I have ran so far. I had a lot of people tell me this race was tough and that I haven’t seen anything until I run this race. They were pretty much right but surprisingly I didn’t mind all the hills. When I saw the first long hill I actually started laughing because I was thinking this is what they were talking about. I got a nine minute mile on the first mile but once I started up the hills, my time slowly went up. At mile four, I was tired but I wasn’t exhausted like I thought I would be. By the time I got towards the finish line, I didn’t even feel like running anymore not to mention there was a big hill right at the end. I stopped looking at my watch once I got to the last hill. At that point, I didn’t mind what my time was going to be, I just wanted to finish. I finished in 1:17 and was 6th place in my age group. I was asked would I ever run this race again. Most likely, yes I will run this race again. Overall it wasn’t as bad as I envisioned.

This weekend, we are running the Hotlanta half marathon through downtown Atlanta. I know it’s going to be hot and when I get there I will probably be wishing I hadn’t signed up but I am looking forward to this race. They have really cool medals and we all know I love those! I will be taking next week off from training due to my surgery. It’s going to be weird not being able to do any kind of training.

As you can see, 5Kay Running Queen got a new look and a new web address. I figured since I am doing so much more these days then just 5K’s I would give my blog a generic name. I started calling myself Queen Beast after I completed the Spartan and even made a magnet for my car with that on it. Therefore, I found it fitting to use it as the name of my blog. Hope you all like it!

Madison in May 5K & 10K Recap

It’s been a slow month so far with competitive races. This past weekend I ran a 5K and 10.2K back to back in Madison. It always sounds like a good idea to run back to back races at the time of registration. When race day actually arrives, it doesn’t sound like the best idea. I started the 5K off pretty slow but pushed through the first mile. The past few weeks my legs have been hurting when I run. It feels like there are needles poking at them and they also cramp up during my Yoga classes. I know it’s because I don’t drink enough water. I have never been a big water drinker but lately I have realized I desperately need to drink more then I do. Therefore, I have been forcing down water at work and at night. I finished the 5K in 33:19 and was 6th in my age group. I had about 20 minutes to get ready for the 10.2K and I was not feeling it. I was exhausted after running just the 5K. The 10.2K went as I expected, I managed to keep a good pace on the first mile but after that I gave out. I walked a good majority of the 10K but Madison has some pretty views so it was a nice stroll. They were calling for rain that morning but after the 5K, the sky was looking clear and the sun was trying to peak through. At mile 4 our awesome Georgia weather decided it was going to rain on me for the next two miles. What is better then a Georgia rain shower on a hot day? I don’t mind getting wet, I actually like it to rain on those warm summer mornings that we run. Maybe it will rain on the morning of the half marathon I have in June. Would be a great way to cool off for 13.1 miles! I finished the 10.2K in 1:20. Not my best 10K time but I will take it. I was just glad to finish and get something to eat. After those 9 miles I was starving.

It may be a slow month for competitive races but it is far from slow during the week. We run four times a week, go to Yoga twice a week and through all that we work on arm strengthening and leg strengthening exercises. We have the Hotlanta half coming up in June so we are working on a half marathon training plan. I am also working on a new project so stay tuned for my surprise announcement coming in December. I know that is forever away but it will be worth the wait! We also have pretty cool races coming up such as the Spartan Super. We also have our eyes set on the St. Jude Memphis half marathon and more! The one event we are all looking forward to and currently planning is our Disney trip next February. We will be running the Disney Princess half marathon and 5K. I may already have my outfits designed and planned out, just saying! Super excited about it!

This weekend I am running a 5K in Monroe and I will be taking the next weekend off. I will be in Daytona for one of those country music festivals that I like so much!

Winterville Snowflake 10K Recap


Ran my first 10K yesterday at the 3rd Annual Winterville Snowflake 10K. I love running in Winterville. It’s one of my favorite places to run because it’s flat and fast. The 10K course takes you out on back roads with just the pavement in front of you. It was a little chilly at the beginning of the race but once we got started I warmed up fast. Ran the first 3 miles at a great pace. If it had been a 5K course, I would have had a PR. I finished 3.1 in 31:48 which is awesome. I can tell I am getting stronger and faster. By mile 4, I was getting tired and slowed down. My pace was no longer the pace of a 5K course. Mile 5 felt like the longest mile during the race. I was tired and kept having to tell myself to keep going. I finished the 10K in 1:08:54 and placed 2nd in my age group. Overall I really like the 10K distance. It’s the perfect distance for training for longer runs.

In one of my previous posts, I was telling you about my RQ Racing Crew. They are the one’s who travel with me to races, hold my stuff, help me get ready and are my photographers. Well, I made it official by getting jackets made that says RQ Racing. Look for RQ Racing at a race near you!

This week’s training focus is on speed! I honestly believe in speed drills. I think the short intervals really help with my endurance.

Next up, Surf and Sun 5K- Cumming & Super Bolt 5K- Dacula.