Run The Reagan Recap

Does anyone else feel like they need to start 2019 over again? I feel like it has been a long year already and I know we are just heading in to March. After the 10K this past weekend, I came down with a cold. I have been trying so hard to avoid this but there’s no way to truly avoid it. I work around germs all day long so no amount of hand sanitizer can shield you from it. At least it’s just a head cold and nothing more but even a common cold takes everything out of you. I haven’t ran this week and that has bothered me so much. Y’all can laugh at me but I googled, “how long does it take to loose endurance”? Google says after two weeks of no activity, your body starts declining the endurance you have worked to build up. Thankfully its only been a week and I have 11 miles this coming weekend so I can make up for it. I may be as slow as a turtle because I can’t breathe but I am going to give it my best shot.

Enough about sickness, this past weekend I had a huge achievement. I had a PR on a very hilly 10K course called Run The Reagan in Snellville. I was told before I got there that it would be hilly so I already had my mind wrapped around taking it easy. I knew going out it was downhill so I decided I would run as fast as I could the first 3 miles. Even the first 3 miles though had some inclines to have to get up which surprisingly didn’t slow me down. At mile 3, I was 29:58 and mile 3.1 (the turnaround point) I was 30:55. That’s a pretty awesome time for a race with so many inclines. Couldn’t stop there though, I had 3 miles back uphill. Mile 4 I started to think, wow, if I don’t stop, I am going to have a huge 10K PR. Then I hit the second big hill and those dreams quickly disappeared. However, a little after mile 5, I looked at my watch again and was still on track for a PR. How in the world, I can pull that off on a hilly course is beyond me. My friends came back to run with me the last half mile which thankfully they did because I was beat and needed the motivation. I can only motivate myself so much so I really enjoy having friends come back after me when I need it the most. Towards the end of the race is when I always want to give up because I am tired and hurting. With a little downhill boost to the finish, I PR’d with a 1:07:54 knocking a minute off of my best time. I was 4 out of 18 in a 10 year age group. I looked at the results and I would have been 2nd in my age group if it had been the normal 5 year age groups. Regardless, I was very pleased with my performance and time. I felt strong the entire race which is an awesome feeling. This race ended February’s races and now we are on to March.

We have a big race this weekend and next weekend we will be closer to home. I don’t think we have anything else planned in March, but we are looking and I’m sure we will have a full schedule before too long.

A little update on my yoga classes, they are growing!! March classes start next week and I hope to have a full class again. Spring is such a fun time for yoga because people are wanting to get fit for the summer months so if you are looking for a great workout at a low cost, come see me! All of the information can be found on my Facebook. Thanks to everyone who supports my classes. I really do appreciate it and I look forward to Wednesday evenings.

Look for a new post next week on our big race this weekend. Hope to see y’all on the road!

Don’t Stop Believing

I am long overdue for a post. I know I said once I graduate, I will have more time to write but recently life has gotten in the way of that. Not going to lie, there has been plenty of days in the past few weeks where all I want to do is sit and watch TV and do nothing else. I have to give the brain a rest from time to time.

I just want to say, I think 2019 is off to a great start when it comes to my training. I have been running consistently every week to prepare for upcoming races. I have changed the way I train and so far the hard work is showing. It may not show in big ways when it comes to races, but I can see the improvements. The reason I named this post, Don’t Stop Believing, is because that is the song that pops into my head when I run. I sing it over and over again while I run to force myself to keep going. I’m not going to say much about how I am training or my training times but I think by the end of March, I should have met my goal on a 5K. The big thing right now is trying not to get hurt or sick. I am doing everything I can to prevent either of those things from happening.

Speaking of races, we have been on a rocky start for January. Don’t get me wrong, all of the races we have run so far have been great races but they are not what I want for good clock times. We ran a race on January 1st in Cumming and the description for the course said flat and fast. It was the hilliest flat course I have ever ran. The weekend after that I knew the course was going to be hilly so I signed up for the 8K to get in a few extra miles since I wouldn’t have a good time on the 5K. Two weekends ago I finally got to run on the Atlanta Beltline again. The Beltline is one of the best things to be designed in Atlanta. Once you get on the Beltline, the entire pathway is flat. They are not completely done with the Beltline but what’s there so far is awesome! Along the Beltline are restaurants, the Ponce City Market, breweries and high end apartments. It’s a great up and coming area. This past weekend we ran the Chilly Willy half marathon and 10K in Sugar Hill. I once again chose the longer distance because I knew the course was hard. I placed third in my age group which is unusual for races near Atlanta.

I have some pretty cool races coming up in the next few weeks. I am no longer going to post where I am racing at from now on so if you want to know please just message me.

These days I may just pop up wherever so I hope to see you all out on the road soon!

Cooper River Bridge Run Recap

This past weekend I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K in Charleston. The Cooper River is the third largest 10K in the US and it did not disappoint. Everything about this run reminded me of the Peachtree Road Race, just a smaller version. The streets were filled with spectators and there were live bands on every corner. I have had this race on my bucket list for awhile and now it’s on my list of races I don’t plan to miss in 2019. It was an awesome experience and the whole thing was very well organized.



We drove up on Friday morning to Charleston to attend the expo. The expo was so easy to get in and out of. We went during lunch and was able to get right in with no lines. I’m glad we went when we did, I heard the later it got in the afternoon, the busier it got. I love going to expos and this one was one of the better ones I have gone to. We were able to pick up some pretty cool swag. We received a very nice bag, race t-shirt, and towel with the design of the shirt which had a cute pelican on them. There were also lots of free samples that we were able to taste test. Overall, it was a very nice expo and I heard that it gets better every year. One thing about this run is they take security very seriously. We came out and the Charleston swat team was there in the parking lot. I really wanted to take a picture with them but my friend freaked out and said no that’s embarrassing. She clearly knows nothing about a runners selfie life. Granted, she is not a runner. I tried to explain to her that it’s very common as a runner to take pictures with anything and everything. She still didn’t understand.

I had to bribe this friend of mine with concert tickets to see her favorite singer who happened to be in Myrtle Beach the night before the run. I didn’t want to go alone to the race, so it was the only way I could get her to come with me. I know this is going to sound crazy but we drove to Charleston, got my packet, drove another two and a half hours to Myrtle Beach for the concert, hoped back in the car and drove back to Charleston. We got in around 2 am and I only had maybe thirty minutes of sleep before the 4 am wake up call.

Race Day: 

IMG_92344 AM comes way too fast especially when you decide sleep is not important. The Bridge Run buses everyone to the start line. Buses started running at 5 AM and they warn you that lines can get long so get there early. We were there before the buses and was able to get a great parking spot. I have never seen so many school buses before in one place. There had to be over 100 buses that pulled up all at once. Crazy thing is, there were three other pick up spots throughout Charleston. We stayed in North Charleston so we were picked up at the convention center. I had a friend who just moved to South Carolina come meet me at the hotel the night before and we drove together to the buses. We were there so early, we made it on one of the first few buses to depart and even got interviewed by ABC news.

We arrived at the start line pretty early so we stood around people watching to see if we could find anyone else from Georgia. We did find a few friends, which was awesome. They wanted everyone in their corrals by 7 am. We hung around a little longer before having to be separated in different corrals because the race didn’t start until 8 am. Only bad thing about these larger races is you have to wait so long once you get there. At least it wasn’t freezing cold or raining because there was no jacket wearing. There was a nice little breeze which is to be expected when you are so close to the water. As I mentioned above, Charleston was spot on with their security measures for the race. I looked up and there on top of the apartment buildings was the swat guys. They were also lined up along the corrals on the ground. They even had four helicopters that kept circling over with army guys to keep us safe. In a way, you feel extremely safe and then in another sense you become a little paranoid because you know why there are having to be so cautious. Regardless, they all did a great job and it was nice to see them along the entire course.

IMG_9240Ok, now on to the actual race. I was in corral G, so I got started about 8:20. I was proud to know, I wasn’t in the last corral. It was an awesome course, except for the hill going up the bridge. I was so entertained the entire time, I barely noticed the hill. I was able to make it a little over a mile before it came to a halt. If you are not in the first few corrals, you will get blocked when going up the bridge. Everyone is stopping to take pictures and selfies along the bridge. It’s understandable because you get a dang good background. That was my favorite part getting to run over the bridge. Once over the bridge its downhill and then flat roads through downtown Charleston. Plan to run the entire last mile because so many people have lined the streets to cheer you on you can’t help but try to bust it one last time through those downtown streets. Let’s just say, I finished. I didn’t have a terrible time, 1:24 considering no food and sleep. Next time, I plan to stay a few days and not go to any late night concerts.

One great thing about this 10K is they give finishers medals. If you can run really fast, you also get a really cool bridge award that looks exactly like the Cooper River Bridge. You also can win several thousands of dollars. Anyways, I got the medal and then a doughnut haha. They had two big Krispy Kreme trucks there handing out doughnuts at the end. There was also muffins, containers of watermelon, and bbq sandwiches. I missed the sandwiches because they were sold out by the time I got there. Oh well I grabbed my doughnut and tracked down my friend for pictures. Check out our finishers pic!


I will definitely be back next year. It was an awesome race that I am still talking about.

The next few weekends we are running 5K’s near Atlanta. If you are near the Braselton area this weekend, come see me at the Wildflower Market. I will be there from 3-4 on Sunday teaching yoga.

See you out on the road!






In Their Shoes 10K

This past weekend was a lot of fun. Saturday morning we ran the In Their Shoes 10K in Athens for the Loran Smith Center for Cancer Support. I was hoping for cool weather for this one since it was 6 miles and hilly but it decided to turn back warm. At least it was misting rain so it kept the sun from bearing down on us. They gave us a break on the first mile with no big hills. I laughed out loud when I went up the first hill because of how steep it was. I drive this hill all the time but you never notice how steep a hill is until you are not in a car. I was already tired before I started this race so the hills defeated me on this one. I still had such a great time at this race though. I was able to finally run with one of my friends during the race. She kept me motivated to finish, I would have walked most of it if it wasn’t for her.  I finished in 1:19:37 and was 9 out of 17 in my age group. 






This coming weekend, I will be running the Spooktacular 5K Saturday night and the Run Your Tail Off Sunday afternoon. I have yoga training all day Saturday so I will miss the morning races. On the plus side I only have two more Saturday training classes after this weekend and only 5 more total weeks left! I graduate December 15th! This week is a long week for me. I have a marathon Yoga training week of four days of training. Thursday, Friday and Saturday is what I have left. If I can just get through this week, I will be on a downwards slope to the finish

Speaking of Yoga, I will start teaching Yoga at Athens Tech starting in January. I hope to get all of that finalized this weekend so look for more information coming real soon.

I am planning a 5K for January called The Frosty Owl 5K benefiting the Athens Tech Alumni Association which I am the President of. The race is coming together nicely. We have an Atlanta vendor coming called Bai which make healthy fruit drinks. They are providing a drink to every runner. I was contacted by one of their reps asking if they could be apart of the race which was really cool. I hope to have more great announcements coming soon! Registration is up on – scroll down to January and look for Frosty Owl 5K.  I am super excited about this 5K and I am working hard to make it a great event for all of the runners!


Big Peach Sizzler 10K Recap

There are so many other important things going on in this world right now versus a 10K recap but I needed to write. What’s happening over in Texas is heartbreaking. I have seen so many pictures of people pleading for help and animals in need of rescuing, which is why I decided to sign us up for the Run For Texas virtual 5K. I hope to get this run completed early next week! Our schedules are getting busier and busier as the weeks go on, but it’s still nice to find the time to help others!

Up until this point in my life, I have never been one to wake up early to go run. Now on weekends, I tend to be up before 4 am if I am going to an Atlanta race or well before 6 if I am going to a race near home. The Big Peach Sizzler 10K was in Buckhead with a 7:30 am start time, so of course I was up before 4 am. The race started at the Chamblee Marta Station and finished past Lenox Square Mall. I must say, even though I did not know a single person there I still enjoyed the run. I ran more in this 10K then I have ever managed to run in a 10K race. I was slower then usual, but I’m just now starting to build back up from taking most of the summer off. You can’t come to Atlanta without having some hills but the majority of it was downhill. About half way through the race I stopped to grab some water and this guy who clearly had something wrong with him asked me was I having a good race. Knowing that I’m not in any big hurry I walked and chatted with him answering his questions. He was so excited to be there and so excited to be able to run a race. I enjoyed his attitude and it made me think its not always about winning or beating a goal. I tend to be pretty hard on myself so this made me stop to think about how sometimes I need to just enjoy the race no matter how fast or how slow I am going.

I really do love Atlanta and the atmosphere it brings with the cool restaurants and shops. This race offered a scenic view of Buckhead so I found some places I would like to go back and check out soon. I finished the race in 1:17:14 beating my time from the Peachtree Road Race and placed 61 out of 74 in my age group. This race has awesome medals, so if you ever find yourself wondering what to do on Labor Day, come run the Big Peach Sizzler for some cool swag!

I wanted to give everyone an update on how my Yoga training is going. I must say I am a little overwhelmed right now and feeling like I am not learning much of anything. This is partially due to the fact that I don’t have as much time as the others do to put the work needed in to it. I go from work to Yoga training to doing actual homework for my full load of classes and all of my other activities after work so I just don’t have the time to put my full attention towards this training. Hopefully once I am done in December, I will have more time from not going to teacher training class every week to put towards building lessons and practicing.

Saturday I will be in Covington for the Fuzz Run! Hope to see some of you there!