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December 2018, I received my 200 hour Yoga Instructor Certification. I spent 6 long months in a studio training to be a yoga instructor. I had big dreams with this, even thought of a really cool studio concept that I could open but then reality hits. It’s hard to be an instructor or owner of a fitness program simply due to getting warm bodies in the classroom or gym. It all comes down to commitment and priorities. The majority of the world has bigger commitments and obligations other then a fitness class. They have kids to care for or jobs that require them to be in the office and the last thing on their minds is attending a fitness class. I experienced this first hand once I began teaching on my own. I had a great almost two year run with teaching classes but my weekly yoga class was just not growing. I had to make the decision to cancel the remaining year of classes due to low enrollment. The classroom I was renting cost more then I was bringing in which is a common problem fitness instructors encounter.

I truly enjoyed teaching the class and had some amazing friends who supported me from the very beginning. I also made some new friends who have become so special to me. Thank you to each one of my friends that came to support me during my time of teaching. I truly appreciate your support and will always remember and cherish the fun we had in class. Because I had such a great support group it made the decision of canceling classes very hard. Here are some pictures of a few of those sweet friends of mine who have been with me from the beginning.

I have been thinking of different things I can do to continue teaching or coaching in the future. I have a few ideas up my sleeve but not sure where to go with them. There’s a lot of instructors that teach from home with videos that seem to go over pretty well. I follow several instructors that have made their careers from posting videos and workout plans online. After all, I am a Technology Specialist so maybe I need to combine my professional life with my fitness life and see where it takes me.

I believe where I differ from other yoga instructors is that I treat my classes like a true fitness program versus the mindfulness that is heavily incorporated in many yoga classes throughout the world. You will never hear me say Namaste after a class ends and I certainly do not do any kind of hums or chants. I also don’t do heavy emphasis on mindfulness during breathing exercises or during restorative exercises. This is where I struggled the most with my training, because it just wasn’t me. I had to force myself to prove I could do it during the training certification course but I felt so out of place the entire time of doing it.

For now, I am going to Namaste at home and brainstorm my next adventure. I am always thinking about my next move, so I am sure you will see something from me soon!

Again, thank you to each one of these people that helped make my classes possible in the first place. Y’all are amazing people and I am so thankful to have you all as friends! Love you guys!

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