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Fighting All The Way To Sub 30

“Be systematically heroic every day in little unnecessary things; do something every day for the sole and simple reason that it is difficult and you would prefer not to do it, so that when the cruel hour of danger strikes, you will not be unnerved or unprepared”.- W. James 

It’s true when they say, hard work and dedication pays off. Since November 2018 I have been training nonstop. I have slowly increased my endurance of how far I can run before stopping and I have added strength training in as well. I also mix in a little speed work to go along. All that combined, I finally got a sub 30 at the Fallen Hero’s 5K at Lake Lanier about a month ago. Who knew it would take a hilly course for me to reach that goal. Apparently hills and I have a love/hate relationship. I clocked myself at 29:40 on this race but the timing people clocked me at 29:55. This was a big race so I was 7 out of 72 in my age group 25-29. That’s a huge improvement to how I use to rank in my age group in larger races.

Two weekends ago, I ran my 11th half marathon at the Georgia Peach Jam half in Cumming. Since I have been training for 5K’s and speed, by mile 10 my legs had shut down on me. It took everything I had to finish the next 3 miles. I just don’t have the endurance to maintain the pace I had for the first 7 miles. I was doing great up until mile 8 where I had to switch to running quarter miles and then taking a break. Mile 10 the quarter miles were a major struggle so I went in to survival mode. My legs cramped so bad that afternoon and night, I often question my sanity of why I think it’s a good idea to run a half. Oh yea, I wanted one of those cool medals, that’s why!

This past weekend, I ran the Georgia Aquarium Turtle Trot 5K in Atlanta and had another PR. Official clock time was 28:59. It was an awesome course around Atlanta, only two hills! If you have never done this race, it is a lot of fun! All finishers get a turtle shaped finisher medal.

Lastly, I ran my 12th half marathon at the Hotlanta half. I seriously didn’t remember this race having so many hills. It was insanely hilly and yes I do train by running hill sprints but nothing can prepare you for the amount this half has in Atlanta. If you have never ran a half before, I recommend not running this one as your first half. I would recommend running one in Savannah or Charleston before coming to Atlanta. If you begin with this one, you will probably end up hating half marathons. With every turn you take in Hotlanta, there is a hill and some are straight up.

Now that I have reached my goal, I am still training nonstop. I am increasing my miles little by little. Very hard to work on speed right now due to the 95 degree weather. I have to be at work early in the summer and so I run at 5:30 when I get off. It’s terrible conditions out and probably not the smartest idea to run at that time but can’t give up just because of a little heat. On, the extreme temperature days, I will probably wait more until the sun goes down before I venture out.

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