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Run The Reagan Recap

Does anyone else feel like they need to start 2019 over again? I feel like it has been a long year already and I know we are just heading in to March. After the 10K this past weekend, I came down with a cold. I have been trying so hard to avoid this but there’s no way to truly avoid it. I work around germs all day long so no amount of hand sanitizer can shield you from it. At least it’s just a head cold and nothing more but even a common cold takes everything out of you. I haven’t ran this week and that has bothered me so much. Y’all can laugh at me but I googled, “how long does it take to loose endurance”? Google says after two weeks of no activity, your body starts declining the endurance you have worked to build up. Thankfully its only been a week and I have 11 miles this coming weekend so I can make up for it. I may be as slow as a turtle because I can’t breathe but I am going to give it my best shot.

Enough about sickness, this past weekend I had a huge achievement. I had a PR on a very hilly 10K course called Run The Reagan in Snellville. I was told before I got there that it would be hilly so I already had my mind wrapped around taking it easy. I knew going out it was downhill so I decided I would run as fast as I could the first 3 miles. Even the first 3 miles though had some inclines to have to get up which surprisingly didn’t slow me down. At mile 3, I was 29:58 and mile 3.1 (the turnaround point) I was 30:55. That’s a pretty awesome time for a race with so many inclines. Couldn’t stop there though, I had 3 miles back uphill. Mile 4 I started to think, wow, if I don’t stop, I am going to have a huge 10K PR. Then I hit the second big hill and those dreams quickly disappeared. However, a little after mile 5, I looked at my watch again and was still on track for a PR. How in the world, I can pull that off on a hilly course is beyond me. My friends came back to run with me the last half mile which thankfully they did because I was beat and needed the motivation. I can only motivate myself so much so I really enjoy having friends come back after me when I need it the most. Towards the end of the race is when I always want to give up because I am tired and hurting. With a little downhill boost to the finish, I PR’d with a 1:07:54 knocking a minute off of my best time. I was 4 out of 18 in a 10 year age group. I looked at the results and I would have been 2nd in my age group if it had been the normal 5 year age groups. Regardless, I was very pleased with my performance and time. I felt strong the entire race which is an awesome feeling. This race ended February’s races and now we are on to March.

We have a big race this weekend and next weekend we will be closer to home. I don’t think we have anything else planned in March, but we are looking and I’m sure we will have a full schedule before too long.

A little update on my yoga classes, they are growing!! March classes start next week and I hope to have a full class again. Spring is such a fun time for yoga because people are wanting to get fit for the summer months so if you are looking for a great workout at a low cost, come see me! All of the information can be found on my Facebook. Thanks to everyone who supports my classes. I really do appreciate it and I look forward to Wednesday evenings.

Look for a new post next week on our big race this weekend. Hope to see y’all on the road!

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