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If You Want The Rainbow, You Gotta Run In The Rain

I’m in serious need of sunshine! This rainy weather is making me want to lay around and do nothing. I am pretty sure I have looked at the weather channel more this week then I have in my entire life. I keep refreshing hoping it will change and they will show a break from this drizzly dreary weather! I don’t think there is any hope for that this weekend though. As of now, it looks like it’s going to be a rainy one. This weather can easily make you want to give excuses but sometimes you just have to push past it and go. When I left work today, it was raining but I was determined that no matter what I would run. Once I got to the park though it had stopped and I got my run in before it started again. I have been working really hard, trying to get that rainbow, so I didn’t want to waste this week because of the weather. Now that I have been running more consistently, I have noticed how some runs can leave you feeling like all you are doing is struggling and some leave you feeling great. I always want to get frustrated on my struggle runs but I have learned that regardless every run makes you stronger.

Since my last post, I have ran two awesome 5K’s. The 5K we ran a few weekends ago was called the Super Sweetie 5K in Cumming. The course description said it was flat and fast, however I didn’t believe it would be. I had my doubts because I have learned race descriptions are sometimes not accurate. I was wrong though, this one was flat and fast. It was ran along a greenway and finished with an elevation drop. I loved this course, I wish I lived closer so I could run it more often. I came so close to the 29 minutes in this race. I actually saw it on the clock as I was coming towards the finish line. If only a 5K didn’t have to have the .1, I would have gotten the 29. I finished in 30:25 and placed 2nd in my age group. I was making killer time at mile 1 and 2 but I couldn’t hold on to that speed for mile 3. In the past two months, I have trained myself to run 3 miles without stopping. However, I still struggle with my speed on the last mile. I hope to try again in a few weeks on a flat course to see what time I can get. I feel like I am so close, that I can’t let things get in my way now. I won’t stop until I get it.

This past weekend we ran the Kupcakes & Kandy 5K in Suwanee. I knew before I ran that morning that my body was tired and I probably wasn’t going to run very well. The race also had more inclines then I remembered. I ran a 32:50 and I still don’t know where I finished in my age group. I assume I was forth or fifth but the guy who times these races never shows age groups. There were tons of cupcakes and candy after the race for all runners. I like themed races like these because it’s something we don’t have with the races near home. It’s nice to run something different every now and then.

We will be back closer to home in a few weeks though, so hopefully we will see some friends we haven’t seen in awhile. Hope everyone finds something fun to do this weekend even if it’s not perfect weather conditions!

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