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Cupcake Road Race Recap

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You wanna know what people love more then cupcakes? They love DOGS! If you let the world know that a race is benefiting animals, over 600 people will show up! I include myself in there, because typically I will run a race that benefits dogs over anything else. Saturday’s Cupcake Road Race in Cumming benefited the Atlanta Humane Society. There are actually several runs out there that benefit AHS and AHS themselves have a lot of great fundraisers for their animals such as Puppy Yoga! We have been to their Puppy Yoga and it’s so much fun!

As you can tell from the name alone there were a lot of perks to this race. You got a shirt, finishers medal and cupcake for running the race. Jimmy Johns also gave mini sandwich’s out to all runners.

I knew going in to the race, the course was hilly. It’s ran along Ronald Reagan Blvd in Cumming. I didn’t expect to be able to run it the way I did. The course had two long hills in it and typically I will finish in 33 or 34 minutes on a hilly course but I finished in 31:14. I really want to know what I can do on a flat course if I did this on a hilly one. I was 7 out of 44 in my age group which is awesome for how many people there was.

I have a few more fun races coming up in the next few weeks! Lots of time will be spent on the road. While most are probably ready for Spring, I am hoping it stays cool for a little while longer. I need some more time to train in what I call the perfect running weather.

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