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Butterfly Dreams 5K Recap


It may still be pretty warm outside but I can feel that Fall is upon us. The Butterfly Dreams 5K in Watkinsville always marks the start of Fall for me. From this race forward, I start looking forward to cooler weather, football season and fall festivals. I really enjoy running this race and it’s one of those I don’t miss. I have been running the Butterfly Dreams since 2012 and I finally had one of my better clock times on this course. I have been training pretty regularly lately so I have been setting goals for each of my races I run. The goal I set for this year was to at least get 34 minutes and I ended up coming in at 33:47. The butterfly course has some hills along the route but for some reason I have better times on hills. I guess I push myself more then I do on a flat course. I also love placing at this race because I love, love, love the butterfly awards they give. I have gotten 3 butterflies over the years and this years butterfly’s were really cute. They cut butterfly’s out of wood and then paint them so they are colorful butterflies. The race benefits children with special needs and there is an actual Butterfly Dreams farm that allows these children to interact with horses.


September is going to be an awesome month for races. This Saturday we are running the Fuzz Run in Covington. It’s always a huge race with lots of people but I think this year it’s going to be even larger because of the support surrounding the officer that was shot there. It will be really nice to see so many people supporting the officer and his family.

The following weekend we are running the Mercedes’s Benz 5K in Atlanta and I am running another race that afternoon.

I am really looking forward to all of the races I have scheduled and I’m sure I will see many of you on the road over the next few weeks.


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