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Here Comes August


Now I can officially say it, I can’t believe summer is over! Schools are starting back and football is right around the corner. I am ready for football, but I am not ready for all the madness to start at work. We support all the teachers in the district with their technology needs, so we stay on the run until Thanksgiving. It can be really tough somedays, and there are moments when you begin to question your career choice. However, we get a lot of great stories out of it from dealing with all kinds of people. August also marks the beginning of my final semester at school so I will be graduating with my degree in December. Found out today that everything is good to go and I will have that degree in hand at the end of the year!

IMG_0925Ok, moving on to the main part of why I write. I noticed I have started blogging about my entire life, but I have so much going on it kind of just goes with the whole story. This past weekend we ran the Walnut Grove Breakaway 5K. I missed this race last because of teacher training so I was happy to get to run it again. They have always put on a good race and the course is a fairly good one. The course is mostly flat with a big long incline coming back towards the finish. This heat and all the rain we have been having is knocking me out of training. Therefore, my time is back up but I have learned that’s ok, still trumping the people on the couch. I finished in 36:00 minutes with a burning red face and in need of water. I still managed a third place win in my age group. The need for water eventually turns in to hunger and I end up usually at a Chick-fil-A. I’m not sure if I have told you all about my obsession with chick-fil-a. There is a joke that if I eat chick-fil-a before the race, I will run faster. I have proven it to be true especially in the winter. Side note about Chick-fil-a, if y’all don’t have it already, download the app to your phone because they have a new reward program. For every dollar you spend you get 10 points and those points turn in to redeemable free food. You just tell them when you order you would like to scan your barcode in your app and the points are applied. The more points you get, the better free food you can redeem. Check it out if you are a chick-fil-a eater like myself.


I do happen to love August for the sole reason that it marks the beginning of all the best fall races. This weekend we are running a race called Run for Noses and it’s proceeds goes to help the dogs. I am all about running races for the dogs, because I am a huge animal lover.

Next weekend, I will be running the Brain Fitness 5K in Athens for a friend of mine. I don’t know about the rest of August just yet, but I know something will come up. I have been looking ahead and September looks like it’s going to be the month for awesome races. I will post my upcoming schedule once I make a decision on which one’s I am doing.

See you guys on the road!





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