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Summer Heat

It has seriously been awhile since I have posted so I thought I would get some writing in. I promise, I am not giving up on the blog, just busy with finishing up my degree. Just finished summer semester yesterday and I feel like I can breathe again. Only one more semester left this Fall and I couldn’t be more excited. Finally going to get more time to do the things I enjoy most.

I can’t believe summer is almost to an end. We are gearing up for the school year to start again in a little over a week at work. It doesn’t even feel like we have had a summer, I guess because we have stayed pretty busy at work with different projects.

I have been looking back on my runs since the Raliegh Half Marathon and I haven’t ran that many races this summer. It’s always slow in the summer though. Back in June we ran the Navi-Gator 5K in Cumming and the Made in The USA 5K in Sugar Hill. Awesome races but they have crazy hills and mix those with heat and you get nothing but slow from this girl. My favorite race this summer of course was the Peachtree. It was a lot of fun and there is so much going on which so return I stay highly entertained. Staying highly entertained makes me forget about the fact I can’t breathe, legs were on fire, and sweating like I was tossed in a pool. In all seriousness though, I did feel like I got overheated and I should have been more prepared on the hydration side but I made it. My finishing time was around 1:24 which is normal for me on a 10K in the summer months. I can’t wait for the 50th Peachtree next year, I bet Atlanta Track Club is going to go all out for the 50th.


The only other race I have ran since the Peachtree was the 5K I ran in St. Augustine. It was one of the best courses I have ever ran because it was super flat. However, that Florida heat just doesn’t let up so I was on the struggle bus to the finish. I finished under 40 minutes so I consider that a win. I can now mark the Bridge of Lions 5K off of my list. I have plenty more on my list for next year in Florida that I can hopefully check off.


This weekend I am running the Walnut Grove 5K. I missed this race last year, so I’m glad it worked out to where I am in town to run it.

I will write more very soon. I have a month off until my final semester starts again so hopefully I can get in some good posts.


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