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Firehouse 5K Recap


I have found one of my new favorite races, the Firehouse 5K in Covington. Covington is such a cute small town to begin with, which its best known as the filming location of the TV show The Vampire Diaries. I know The Vampire Diaries is kind of old news but I once really enjoyed the show and I still like going to eat at the now famous Mystic Grill in downtown. I think I really enjoyed this race because of the atmosphere and all of our awesome friends were there. There was so many people at this race, I knew from the beginning it was a given I would not place in my age group. Therefore, you just run and enjoy the sightseeing when all else fails. We were able to run for a finisher’s medal at this race. I know some people have mixed feelings about finisher’s medals but I think if you can take something home to remember the race by then that’s all you really need! I also enjoyed getting to run with a friend the last two miles of the race. We were trying to get under 34 minutes but just couldn’t make it because of the humid temperatures. I think if it had been cooler we would have got the 33 minutes. We came in at 34:26 and once again I was happy to see the clock. I shut down in warm weather so I consider it a win if I come in under 35 minutes during the summer months.



We will once again have to get use to the hot temperatures this summer during our training runs. We don’t get off until 5 in the summer and we have to be there at 7 in the mornings when school is out so there is no time to run but at night when it’s brutal out. We run down a greenway and this time of year snakes are really bad. You have to watch every step you take and make sure every stick is not a snake. We ran right in to one last night and it was a good thing I was not by myself, I would have never saw it until it was too late. We trained at this place all last summer so I think making sure we keep a close eye out for ones curled up we will be ok. Can’t let snakes or the heat ruin our training.

I am going to go ahead and say this so it’s out there and I will stay motivated. My goal once again is to get under 30 minutes at a race in October that I have selected as my goal race. I have all summer to train while it’s hot to get me ready for the cooler weather. I have started eating better and watching calories of everything I eat. I believe you can find a happy balance of enjoying those french fries or whatever you love every once in awhile as long as you stay on track. I am one of those people who won’t stick to a hardcore plan. I still have to enjoy a cheat day every once in a while because I love food. There is a joke at work that I am always hungry and it’s true I stay hungry therefore I can’t dive into cutting out all calories. Since I am on the new diet, work out plan and about to start a training plan for the race in October, I will blog about it here on my page. Get ready to read the good, the bad and the ugly that comes along with trying to reach a goal. I will do a separate post about all of this in the next week or two.

Update on my Yoga business: so I have been trying to get my yoga classes to take off in Braselton and I’m going to just put it honestly, it’s not happening. The last two times I have went to Braselton, I have not had a single person come out for the classes. There has been a lot of interest and shares on my Facebook event and page but no one has actually showed up. Therefore, I think it’s time I cut my losses and move on. I know it’s a tough market when there is not really a core group to work with. A friend of mine made perfect since by saying there is not really a ready made group at a boutique store. If you think about it, you need a gym or school or church that has a core group in order to really drum up business. I don’t know where I will go from here with my classes. I am looking for a place where I can teach 2-3 times a week near home so if you know of anything please message me. Until I can find a place to call mine, I will keep teaching my awesome Monday night class. Hopefully I can find a place soon so these awesome students I have can benefit from twice a week practice instead of one time a week.


Coming up: I am running a 5K in Monroe Saturday and next Saturday, I will be in Raleigh for the Race 13.1 half marathon.

See you on the road!

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