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13.1 Miles Of Fighting For The Finish Line

IMG_8464For a person who is always on the go, there is nothing worse then having to take two weeks off because of the flu. I started off thinking I just had a cold and nothing more. I masked it with some meds and took one or two days off from training. Fine, I thought, I can handle two days off. A few days later, I thought I was over it and had just lucked out from all the crazy germs going around. I felt better so I went back to training and picked right back up where I left off. Not even two days later, I woke up feeling terrible and just knew all training was coming to a halt. Apparently the cold was like pre-flu, telling me it was coming. I went to the doctor, tested positive and then spent the next several days in bed wishing I on the road somewhere. Anyways, enough about the flu, the point of sharing germ stories with you is that two weeks off really does effect your performance on runs. I missed the Hot Chocolate 15K in Atlanta, which was a bummer. I guess if I had to miss a race, it would be this one since it was freezing cold and rainy. I may have asked the doctor if she thought I could run it being it was a few days a way. She said absolutely not that I would pass out. So here’s to Hot Chocolate 2019.

Day’s went by and I started feeling better but I still had low energy and just felt run down. My 7th half marathon (Suwanee Half Marathon) was creeping up and because I sometimes don’t use best judgement, I ran it anyway. It was a rainy morning and because the roads were flooded, they changed the course on us from last year. Talk about a Spartan half marathon if there ever was such a thing. This half marathon was built for the elite runners. The course is typically ran along the lower end of the greenway, but due to heavy rain they ran it up on the higher part of the greenway. It was an out and back course which included every hill Suwanee has to offer. I’m not talking about your average hill, I am talking about straight up shut you down in your track hills. (I am not being overdramatic here, I promise). This course last year was my best half marathon time to date but the course this year was my worst half marathon time to date. I was feeling pretty good the first few miles. I was slow but I was keeping a steady pace. At mile 6, it was like my body gave up and I was hurting everywhere. Let’s just say, I have never hurt so bad in a race before, not even my first half or the Spartan race. Apparently, my body just wasn’t prepared enough. By the time I got to mile 9, I didn’t think I was going to finish. This was the first time I ever thought I wasn’t going to finish a race. Those hills must have put my legs in shock, I was barely moving going up them. For the first time, I walked miles 9-13. I was feeling pretty terrible and I felt like my legs were locked in to place. I finished in a little over 3 hours which is not normal for me. Dad had to come back after me because when I didn’t come in at the time I normally do, they figured something was wrong. I didn’t take my phone on this run because it was pouring down rain so I had no way of telling them. Note to self, always take phone on long runs.

I hope my next half marathon this weekend will go better. I am running the Princess Half Marathon at Disney. Hopefully my legs will hold out for the entire 13 miles this time. I am sure I will be making a few stops along the way to take selfies at the castle. I hope to meet a few characters a long the way too. I am also running the 5K there this Friday. We all know, I already have my outfits planned out and packed. I am going to be Cinderella for the 5K and Belle from Beauty & the Beast for the Half. I will post lots of pics. I apologize in advance for the amount of stuff that will be on your feeds over the next few days. This is my first time going to Disney so I am really excited. I will write all about it once I get back, but for now, I am off to be a Princess.



1 thought on “13.1 Miles Of Fighting For The Finish Line”

  1. Feeling bad and untrained with a slower finish time is far better than no finish. You still did great.. In the toughest times the toughest make it.


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