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My Favorite Time Of Year

IMG_7284This time of year when the weather is turning cooler and the leaves start falling happens to be my favorite time of year. It makes for great running weather and it also makes for a great clock time. I know it’s a drag on those cold mornings to get out of bed to go run but those runs are some of my best throughout the year. For the first time since before Summer, I finally saw 32 minutes on the clock at the Gin Run 5K Saturday. For those of you looking for a good clock time, come check out the Gin Run next year. It’s ran on flat country roads out in the middle of nowhere. You are destined to have a good clock time! Not only can you get a good clock time, but you also have the chance of getting a cotton bale they give to those who place. I have ran this race for several years now and finally placed in my age group. I was able to get one of those super cute cotton bales because I was first in my age group out of five.

IMG_7331One thing about being a runner, is you are all weather. Even through the wind, bitter cold, rain and sometimes snow you will see a runner through it all. Sunday was one of those rare cold windy days that occurs in October. We ran the Jack-O-Lantern jog and even though it was in the afternoon and the sun was out, it didn’t make it any warmer. I like the cold though, it gave me another good clock time. The Jack-O-Lantern is run along a curvy greenway, so I never have a good clock time there so I was surprised by my time on Sunday. I finised the race in 34:20. Like the Gin Run, I have ran this race for the last several years and never placed until this weekend. I placed 3rd in my age group out of 9. I consider this weekend to be a success and I am slowly working my clock time back down.


I have a few tricks up my sleeve for something come February. I’m not going to say what it is now but I’m currently training for it. Lot’s of magical stuff happening in 2018. After all, we have that big Disney trip next year. I’m currently working on the costumes for it. I plan to be two different Princesses since I am running the Princess half and the Princess 5K.

The big event I am planning for is the Frosty Owl 5K next year. I’m sorry if y’all get tired of hearing about it but I am working really hard to make it a great event for the runners. I found out last week that a bottling company will be donating drinks to all runners and I found out this week that a company will be donating goodie bags for all the runners who place. If you have not already, check it out! It will be a lot of fun. After all, Christmas is coming up so gift yourself or your love ones a race entry for their stocking stuffer! More surprises to come soon!

Frosty Owl 5K Online Registration:


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