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My 5th Half Marathon Recap

16 miles! That’s how many miles this crazy runner decided to do this past weekend. Running a half marathon was just not good enough, I also had to throw in a 5K Saturday morning. Saturday morning we ran the Scarecrow 5K where I live. The only reason you would probably choose to come run this 5K is because of the Fall festival. The run kicks off the festival every year. It’s not as big of deal as it used to be in the past though. I remember watching the runners go by on the front porch before I started running and thought it was really cool. Funny how things change over the years, now I’m running instead of watching.

I was feeling good at the start of the Scarecrow. It showed in my run as well. I was able to run most of it except for those big hills that always sneak their way in to these runs. I finished in 34:10 and placed 1st in my age group. I got a cool blanket as the award. It can now travel with me on these cooler morning runs. I’m slowly working my time back down to where it was before I started this journey of trying to become a Yoga teacher. It will get there. I think Yoga is helping to make me stronger. I can feel it in my runs. I may not be fast, but I can keep a more consistent pace then before.

Let’s fast forward to the AthHalf. My 5th half marathon was one word, challenging. I say this because I am pretty sure we hit every hill in Athens. I laughed at one point, because they even sent us up a hill in the middle of a neighborhood in Five Points. If you keep going and then turn right, you will miss the hill so I found that funny that they had to squeeze that one in. At the start of the half, I was feeling good and that consistent pace set in until mile 6. At mile 6, my right leg started giving me trouble. At one point, it wanted to give away like it was trying to tell me to stop. Anyone that knows me, knows I won’t stop for nothing. I always joke that if something happens to me on the course, I will finish no matter what. Coming up on mile 9 I was wondering what the heck gets in to me and these crazy ideas of oh lets go run 13 hilly miles today. I was tired at this point and wanted nothing but water. I wasn’t even starving for food. I just wanted something to drink so bad. Mile 12 went by really fast but as we all know, at the last .5 mile there was a lovely hill ready to greet you to the finish. I walked that thing and was proud of it. Even with all the hills, I beat my time from three other different half marathons in the past. It wasn’t my best time that I’ve had but i’ll take it. I finished in 2:50:24 with chip time. I saw a few people I knew along the course. A few people yelled my name as I passed that I work with and I also got to see a member of the running family out there cheering us on. Always great to see familiar faces along the course. I was disappointed that we couldn’t finish at the Sanford Stadium like years previous but there’s always next year. There’s construction going on at the stadium which is why the finish was at a different location this year.

I only have 4 more training weeks left of Yoga and I couldn’t be more excited. I am ready to be on my own so bad. I am counting down the weeks if you haven’t noticed! Lots of cool stuff coming up, just have to get through the hard stuff first.

I am working like crazy to make the Frosty Owl 5K a great event for everyone. So far it’s coming along nicely. We are slowly getting everything ready for January 20th! I hope everyone can come out and enjoy the event with me. I promise you will not be disappointed. More updates coming very soon!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Go Dawgs!

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