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50 Yard Lines, Colored Chalk and Pink Ribbons

I didn’t realize it has been so long since I posted. I have been super busy with everything I have  going on that I have neglected my blog.  Don’t give up on me though. Lots of really awesome things coming up for me to tell you all about. Trying to plan a 5K, finish up Yoga training, and creating Yoga sequences for my soon to be classes is wearing me out. Don’t think I have given up on this running thing I do, nor will I give it up. I still have that goal of getting under 30 minutes, it just may be after the new year before I can reach that goal.

As you can tell from the title, I have not slowed down from running. I ran 3 races this past weekend and had so much fun. Saturday morning we ran the Mercedes-Benz Stadium 5K put on by the Atlanta Track Club. We finished on the 50 yard line of the new stadium and it was awesome! Hands down, the coolest experience. It was a great course but had a few hills. You can’t go to Atlanta or Athens without climbing some hills during a race. I stayed back with my sister since their was over 6,000 people there so she wasn’t running alone. She wanted to walk and talk and I wanted to run so I had to compromise. I made her run in to the stadium though since it was a big deal. We finished right on the 50 yard line and of course I’m the one running in with the phone up in the air videoing the stadium. If you have not been inside this stadium yet, you should check it out! Finishing inside the stadium was the main reason there was so many people wanting to run this race. However, the race benefited a really good cause. The proceeds went to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. I’m sure some of you remember Emily Bowman who was severally injured by a drunk driver several years ago in Athens. She was there with her mother at the race, so it was nice to see the proceeds going to a great cause.

Saturday night, we drove to Augusta for the Blacklight Color Run. From Atlanta to Augusta, I’m always moving right along to the next city! The Blacklight run was just like any other color run, where they throw color that glows all over you. I must say, it’s not as much color throwing as you might be imagining. There was hardly any color thrown on us while we were running. We were able to get colored before the run at the pre-party so that’s where we got most of it from. Regardless, we still had a lot of fun dancing and singing at the pre-party. It was a late night getting back home and an early wake up call the next morning for the third race of the weekend!


Sunday morning, we ran the Gwinnett Road Run 5K at the Mall of Georgia. Even after two races Saturday and a late night, I was feeling pretty good. We ran two loops around the Mall of Georgia. It’s farther around that mall then I thought it was. I had a pretty good clock time considering I was tired. I finished in 35:24 and placed first in my age group out of 10. They had really cute medals and awesome trophies. I have added this race to the list of races to hit up again next year.

Look for more posts coming soon! I will try to not take so long in updating my blog this time. Thanks to everyone for their support! I have a lot of people behind me as I navigate these roads!

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