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The Races Before The Storm

I am loving this Fall weather we are having! It’s so nice to have a cool breeze on my runs. I can finally get back to enjoying them now that it is not so hot out. What I am not loving is all of this rain we are having. It has made me lazy. I’m so glad we were able to get in two awesome races before the tropical storm got here. Saturday we ran the Fuzz Run 5K in Covington for the Covington Police Department. I have never seen so many runners in such a small town. There was over 1800 runners that filled the streets. Covington may be small but it has a big name in the entertainment world. One of our favorite TV shows, The Vampire Diaries was filmed there. The course took us right by a few of the houses/ mansions and the restaurant  that were used for the Tv show. I did not even act weird and stop for selfies! I finished the race in 36:35 and my favorite part, I finished 30 out of 101 in my age group. I did not place, but I find it very cool that I beat that many people.

Now that it has turned cooler weather, it’s hard not to run multiple races in one weekend. Sunday afternoon we ran the Fred Birchmore 5K in Athens. It was a little breezy out from the storm coming but it felt so nice. Perfect weather for a Sunday afternoon run. I really enjoyed getting to hang out with a few of my friends that I haven’t seen a lot of this summer. I was also able to beat my time from Saturday’s race with a time of 36:01 and placed third in my age group.

As soon as I was done running, I had to get to a free Yoga class for one of the extra classes I have to participate in for my teacher training class. I have discovered a few things in the last few days. I have discovered that I really like hot yoga and I really like outside yoga. The free class my friend and I went to was outside on the lawn and that alone was awesome but the breeze made it feel even better.

This weekend we are running the Winterville Breeze 5K.

Third and second place wins on Sunday


~Queen Beast Fitness~

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