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Big Peach Sizzler 10K Recap

There are so many other important things going on in this world right now versus a 10K recap but I needed to write. What’s happening over in Texas is heartbreaking. I have seen so many pictures of people pleading for help and animals in need of rescuing, which is why I decided to sign us up for the Run For Texas virtual 5K. I hope to get this run completed early next week! Our schedules are getting busier and busier as the weeks go on, but it’s still nice to find the time to help others!

Up until this point in my life, I have never been one to wake up early to go run. Now on weekends, I tend to be up before 4 am if I am going to an Atlanta race or well before 6 if I am going to a race near home. The Big Peach Sizzler 10K was in Buckhead with a 7:30 am start time, so of course I was up before 4 am. The race started at the Chamblee Marta Station and finished past Lenox Square Mall. I must say, even though I did not know a single person there I still enjoyed the run. I ran more in this 10K then I have ever managed to run in a 10K race. I was slower then usual, but I’m just now starting to build back up from taking most of the summer off. You can’t come to Atlanta without having some hills but the majority of it was downhill. About half way through the race I stopped to grab some water and this guy who clearly had something wrong with him asked me was I having a good race. Knowing that I’m not in any big hurry I walked and chatted with him answering his questions. He was so excited to be there and so excited to be able to run a race. I enjoyed his attitude and it made me think its not always about winning or beating a goal. I tend to be pretty hard on myself so this made me stop to think about how sometimes I need to just enjoy the race no matter how fast or how slow I am going.

I really do love Atlanta and the atmosphere it brings with the cool restaurants and shops. This race offered a scenic view of Buckhead so I found some places I would like to go back and check out soon. I finished the race in 1:17:14 beating my time from the Peachtree Road Race and placed 61 out of 74 in my age group. This race has awesome medals, so if you ever find yourself wondering what to do on Labor Day, come run the Big Peach Sizzler for some cool swag!

I wanted to give everyone an update on how my Yoga training is going. I must say I am a little overwhelmed right now and feeling like I am not learning much of anything. This is partially due to the fact that I don’t have as much time as the others do to put the work needed in to it. I go from work to Yoga training to doing actual homework for my full load of classes and all of my other activities after work so I just don’t have the time to put my full attention towards this training. Hopefully once I am done in December, I will have more time from not going to teacher training class every week to put towards building lessons and practicing.

Saturday I will be in Covington for the Fuzz Run! Hope to see some of you there!

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