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Butterfly Dreams 5K Recap

My favorite time of the year is when the morning air turns cool, Georgia Football is on TV and pumpkins begin to fill the stores. Saturday mornings become a lot easier when it’s not already 85 degrees at the start of the race. The Butterfly Dreams 5K had perfect weather and the cool air made it feel like a nice Fall morning. Leading up to the 5K I was pretty worried about my leg. Two days ago I had one of those charlie horse muscle spasms which usually happens quite often for me but this time the knot did not go away. I tried sports creams in hopes for it to ease up by the start of the race but it did not move. I couldn’t even walk on the leg yesterday without flinching with every move I made. I tried to role my leg out with my roller but rolling over the knot made me nauseous. Not that anyone cares to know that detail! Even with my leg giving me fits, I was determined to have a good clock time. I have been sick the past two weeks so now that I can finally breathe again I was ready to see what I could do with the cool weather. The Butterfly Dreams 5K is by no means the easiest course out there. There are a few hills that accompany it but even so, I tend to have a good clock time each year. Today I finished in 34:33 which is my best time all summer. Now that it is starting to get cooler, I can go back to training after I get off of work. I will be excited to see if I can get under 30 before the end of the year. I know people tell me to just go out there and have fun with it, but having goals keeps me motivated. I have to keep motivated or I will tend to just eat cookies and cupcakes and call it a day! After all these years, I placed 3rd in my age group and was able to get a butterfly! The butterfly’s are very special because they are in memory of the former owner of Classic Race Services who passed away several years ago. I was so excited about the butterfly that I was walking around singing I get a butterfly! It is proudly displayed on my wall now! It’s a proud moment when my friends and I place at a race because it’s rare which makes it even more exciting.

If you ever get the chance to run a 5K, come run the Butterfly Dreams which supports kids with special needs. It’s a great race, with friendly people, a challenging course and awesome awards. They even bring over a few horses which are used for the therapeutic riding program for kids. This is one of my favorite races and my favorite way of kicking off all the Fall races coming up.


Labor Day, we will be in Atlanta for the Big Peach Sizzler 10K. Looking forward to seeing what it will be like! We will be running from the Chamblee Marta Station and finishing near Lenox Square. Look for my recap of that race that afternoon. Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend! Good luck to everyone who will be racing Monday.

Go Dawgs!

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