Race Recaps

Back In Full Swing

Saturday’s Ruppert Run 5K in Lilburn was my first real run since the surgery. I tried to run earlier last week but the pounding of the pavement was just too much. I was excited though on Saturday because I ran without hurting, so I knew I was back in full swing. I can tell a difference in my running, when I don’t run for a few weeks. The 5K course was flat but I was struggling. We ran an out and back course along a greenway. At mile 1, my time was way off partly because I was trying not to fall flat on my face along the boardwalks. I was able to finish the race strong though. There happened to be a girl towards the end of the race that came up behind me and looked to be in my age group therefore the competitive side of me kicked in and I was determined not to let her beat me. I sprinted hard to the finish and she wasn’t able to keep up with me. I finished with a time of 38:59 and placed 2nd in my age group. The awards were plants, so check out the cool elephant ear plant I got!

Lately, I have been training nonstop to try to gain some upper body strength. I have been lifting weights and using playgrounds for obstacle course training. I have my sights set on doing another Spartan in November so I am working hard on getting my arms in shape. I’m also doing ab exercises and working on toning the legs.

Life is about to get hectic! Here is what I have going on for the next month. Yoga certification classes start this Friday. I will be spending several days out of each month at a Yoga studio working on my teaching certificate! The next few weekends, we will be traveling to Atlanta to run. The race I am most excited about is the Peachtree! It will be my first Peachtree and I have been told it is a lot of fun.

I was asked last night, do I ever sit down? The answer is no, I have a lot more miles left to run!

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