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Goodbye May, Hello June

Being out of town for a weekend and not running a race was hard. I was looking at pictures on Facebook from different runs this past weekend and I saw that I missed out on some really cool races. However, I had a lot of fun relaxing at the beach before facing my longer work days that started this week. For the summer, I have to work 10 hour days but only four days a week. We have Fridays off, which is something we look forward to. I’m currently planning what I want to do on my days off. I’m sure I will find a new hiking spot or take some road trips. June is going to be a busy month along with the months following being just as busy. My summer classes for my degree that I’m working on start Monday which are packed in to just eight weeks. Yoga classes start again next week. I’m so looking forward to this because Yoga gives my overdrive mind a break. I then have a half marathon next weekend. We are running the Hotlanta half through downtown Atlanta. Yes, I am running 13.1 miles in the middle of June. Yes, I am aware that it is a little crazy and it’s going to be hot. It’s sounds like a good idea now but I’m sure by mile 7, I will be questioning why. My goal for this half is simple, it’s not to die. The day after the half marathon, I have to have tooth surgery. I have been told I will not be able to run for a few days or do any other type of training. I’m not looking forward to that part. Anyone that knows me, knows I have a problem sitting still. I am always on the go, so I guess I will have to find some non physical things to occupy myself for a few days. Lastly, my Yoga certification classes start June 30th. I will have to start practicing Yoga poses pretty much everyday. Fortunately, I have some pretty awesome people that will help me practice.

This past month, I have turned my living room in to a workout room. I have Yoga mats, Yoga blocks and weights stacked up along the fireplace. I have started lifting weights several times a week along with working on strengthening the legs. I found a great arm workout video from a professional trainer that I love doing. I have decided that I am going to do another Spartan in November. This gives me plenty of time to gain that upper body strength I want so bad. So far, I have stayed motivated to do some type of workout everyday except for Fridays which is my rest day. The biggest motivator is wanting to be able to hang with the boys during obstacle races. I have always been competitive and I like being able to keep up with the best of them. I also have a 5kayrunningqueen Instagram account where I connect with runners from all over the country. Seeing their posts and posting my own journey is a huge motivator for me as well. If you have an Instagram check out my account and follow for daily posts!

This weekend I am running the Torture Trail 10K. I have been told it really is torture because of the major hills throughout the race. I’m not so sure what I have gotten myself into. I will find out Saturday!

Here’s to Summer fun, hot races, tan lines and of course ice cream!

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