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Let’s Run A Dam Race or Two

Saturday’s races were a lot of fun. How many people can say they have ran over the Lake Hartwell Dam or ran a 5K through foam?! Not too many people can say that. We started the morning out at Lake Hartwell for the yearly 5K that runs over the dam. It’s actually the only time of the year they let people across it. This race buses runners from Georgia over to South Carolina where you then run back to Georgia.  The course is flat and one of the larger races we run during the year. The crazy Georgia weather brought some chill and wind to the race. Having to fight against the wind was tough. It slowed me down because I was using most of my energy to push against the wind. If it had not been so windy I could have probably had a better time. I still finished with a great time of 32:48. Lately, it’s less about getting a certain clock time and more about just enjoying the race. The Hartwell race is by far one of my favorite races of the year.

I had to leave right after the Hartwell 5K to get to Lake Lanier for the 5K Foam Fest. I was still a little late getting to the Foam Fest because I didn’t clearly realize the time it would take to get there. I also had to make a stop to pick up a few folks along the way. We were supposed to be in the 11:45 corral but they were nice and let us in to the 12:00 corral. The start was full of foam and I did every obstacle after that with ease. There were short walls to climb over, a cargo net to climb over and some spider webs to crawl through. There was also three mud pits to crawl through. I’m the kind of girl that likes mud so those were fun. I slipped and fell in to one mud pit and got mud all in my nose. Only I can manage something like that. There were three water foam slides which were a blast. The first one I ran so hard that I hit the water headfirst and got the breath knocked out of me because it was so cold. We had to get in part of the lake to get over some tubes floating in the water. Those were fun, you basically just had to get over them the best way you could. My favorite obstacle by far was the huge waterslide at the end. It was a rush coming down that big slide. I wanted to do it again once I hit the water. Overall, this obstacle race was not hard at all, just lots of fun. I could have ran the whole thing again. I actually wanted to do it again when I got to the finish line. At the finish, we received a medal and a beach towel. I like that they handed out beach towels instead of t-shirts. This race is on my list for next year.

Next weekend, we have a 5K and 10K back to back. This past week we registered for the 2018 Disney Princess Half Marathon and 5K at Disney World. I have not stopped talking about it. I have already decided on the characters I plan to dress up as. We have a lot of neat stuff coming up within the next year that I am looking forward to. There is no slowing down now, we are just getting started!

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