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Easter 5K & Warrior Dash Recap

“Warriors are not the ones who always win, but the ones that always fight”.

This past Saturday was full of running, obstacles and of course mud! The first race of the day was the Frank Baccus Easter 5K in Monroe. This is one of my favorite races because of the flat course and I really like the Cross pottery awards. The course is on back roads and I always have a good clock time here. I finished in 32:27 and placed second in my age group. A lot of the running family was here at this race which is always a blast! We get to run with a great group of people every weekend. For this race, we had some out of town guest join us. Always nice to meet new people and have them join in on our running addiction.

As soon as this race was over, I rushed home to change in to my obstacle clothes. From there, the RQ Racing gang jumped in the car and headed to Covington for the Warrior Dash 2017 obstacle race. Going in to the race, I knew this one would be easier compared to the grandfather of all obstacle races, the Spartan that we did several weeks back. Knowing this, I was not as nervous/anxious as I was at the Spartan. We started off with some trail running and the first obstacle was climbing over staggered wood planks. Next we crawled under a trench and out to the other side. Nothing to it so far. We did more trail running and I honestly don’t remember a few of the smaller obstacles in between all this. My favorite obstacle was walking across a net and holding on to monkey bar style rings to balance. The goal was to not fall through the net. Again nothing to it. We came up on an obstacle where you had to crawl through a net that was off the ground. I am not one for heights but there was no way to fall through the net so I was good. As I was crawling through the net, I heard a guy on the net beside me say wait until you get to the second tunnel. I was thinking to myself, it looks just like the one I am on. As soon as I went over the bar to the second tunnel, I basically did a belly flop. Using my legs I kicked off and got back up. I was laughing at this point because I could only image what my face looked like when I dropped. Coming in near the finish line was the fire pit. There was a line backed up at the fire because of a little boy. He was so scared to jump over the fire. He kept standing there and after what seemed like a good 15 minutes he jumped over it. I know he was just a kid and scared but I was so pumped up to finish that having to stand there took away the rush. Finally I made it to the last obstacle, the mud pit. The mud is by far my favorite thing about an obstacle race. I grew up playing in the mud and digging holes so I don’t freak out getting a little dirty! I always had a little tomboy in me, I guess it’s why I try to hang with the best of them. This time though, I didn’t get extremely muddy like I wanted for a few reasons but it worked out. I lost my shoes in the process. I wanted that medal so bad I left them on the side. They were old anyway. I am actually running out of old shoes. I guess at some point, I will have to start buying cheap pairs to do these races in. I really enjoyed the Warrior Dash and will certainly do it again next year. I am starting to build upper body strength so maybe by this time next year I will be able to conquer these races a little better and faster.

RQ Racing is headed to Nashville next weekend for the Rock N Roll 5K. Really looking forward to this race and visiting Nashville.  I’m only running one race this coming weekend, because I will be hitting the road for a concert in Alabama. I hope to see all my running family Saturday morning.

Happy Running!

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