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Let’s Run A Night Race

Most people on a Friday night are going out to dinner or to a movie or hanging out downtown. Then there are some people like myself that are gearing up to run a 5K at 10PM through downtown Athens. You are probably wondering how that would work on a Friday night in Athens. It was interesting to say the least. The roads are filled with cars and the streets with people. We started off running past Creature Comforts which is a brewery and I hear people yelling/whistling at us and I realized this was probably going to be one of those races that I wish I hadn’t signed up for. They were asking why are we running through the streets?! It’s called a 5K race, people! As I was turning on to Prince Ave, there were three guys walking down the sidewalk who saw us and naturally a group of people running through the streets on a Friday night is a big draw in for college students like this. They ran across the road and take off running along side me asking why are we running and are we running down Broad Street after this. I don’t have time to chat when I am running so I acted like they were not even there. They didn’t last long, they got tired quickly and stopped half way down the side street we were on. I heard there were a few guys behind me that came across the road running in cowboy boots. See why I said it was interesting? We ran over Chase Street and around a turn around cone before heading back downtown. It was super dark in some spots and I tripped over my own two feet several times. Coming back there were several spots where cars were not being stopped so I had to be fully aware of cars coming towards me. We had to pass the brewery again but luckily I did not have anyone yelling at me as a passed for the second time. I had a pretty awesome clock time for this race. I finished in 33:55 and was 7th out of 12 in my age group. The best part of the night was I won the “Abbey Award”. The Abbey Award is given to those who don’t place in their age groups by Abbey who is Classic Race Services wonderful employee. I have proudly displayed this on my award wall.

We all know I did not stop with just one 5K for the weekend. Eight hours later, I ran the Athens Montessori 5K on the east side of Athens. I grew up on the east side so I ran right past my childhood home. This course had some nice size hills but I had another awesome clock time. I finished in 34:25 and placed first in my age group. (One out of one in my age group like a true champ!). The awards was a scarf. I received a purple scarf to use for cold weather but since we live in Georgia, I will probably never wear it. Maybe it’s just me but I found the awards to be very odd. Overall though it was a great morning for a run.

Guess what I have coming up this weekend? Another one of those obstacle races! We are running the Warrior Dash that is coming to Georgia. This time, I will try not to get so banged up like I did in the Spartan. Ok, who am I kidding, I will probably look like I have been beaten by the time it is all over. Maybe this time though, I can walk the next day without saying ow every time I move. Before the Warrior Dash, I am running a 5K in Monroe that morning because I can’t just sit one out!

Check back next weekend to see if I survive and become a warrior!

Happy Running, My Friends!

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