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The Power Of A Yoga Pose

I believe everyone has that one thing they are just naturally good at. The one thing that comes easy and you don’t have to work extra hard to make it happen. I found out last night I am naturally good at Yoga, it comes easy for me. I still get a great workout but I don’t have to fight my body to make it happen. With running, I have to strain my body to get a certain clock time. Honestly, I have to grit my teeth in order to go sometimes because my body is screaming at me to stop. With Yoga, I just simply do, I don’t have to force myself in to the poses. I have dabbled with Yoga in previous years but never stuck with it. I knew it came easy for me, but I always thought Yoga was a weird form of exercise. That’s when I picked up running and I never looked back at continuing the one thing I could manage very well. Last night I started doing Yoga again and I realized how relaxing it is for not only the mind but the body as well. There is a sense of peace that I don’t get with running. It also helps my mind to focus. I am always on the go and I hardly ever sit down therefore my mind is always in overdrive. I found last night that I didn’t really think during the hour of doing Yoga. I was too busy concentrating on making sure I did the poses just right. For that hour, I didn’t think about all of the stuff I have to do or all the stuff I have coming up. I just felt at peace without anything pressing me for attention or worry.

My class began with some basic breathing techniques leading into a few stretching exercises to prepare me for the hour long workout ahead.  After the warm up, everything just fell into place, and I could feel my body and mind begin to relax.  Just as relaxation was taking hold, the real workout began – downward dogs to planks – which really worked on my upper body, followed up by Warrior one and two poses which worked my lower.  I was truly surprised by how hard the workout was and how much it made me sweat!  I’m looking forward to next week when I’ll build off of this week’s poses.  Hopefully, it will help strengthen my body and also help stretch those areas which are tight.

I’m still running and I won’t be giving up on it, but I’m also trying to strengthen my entire body and get this Running Queen fit!

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