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Chick-Fil-A Half Marathon

If you had asked me a little over a year ago, if I was going to run a half marathon, I would have laughed and said there’s no way. Fast forward a year, and I have completed 3 half marathons. My first half marathon was supposed to be this one, the Chick-fil-A Half in Athens. However, I decided to run one at the spur of the moment in January. From there I was hooked and ran my second one a month later. I learned people do not run races because they are easy, they run because it feels amazing to finish something you set out to do. Crossing the finish line at a half is an overwhelming experience mixed with exhaustion and excitement.

As usual, the anticipation took over the night before and I barely slept a wink. I was ready to run. For the first time, I was excited to walk to the start line for the Chick-fil-A half. The atmosphere was different at this race then my previous two. A lot more people and a lot more energy filled the start line. The really cool thing about this race, was it was run along all the familiar streets here in the Classic City. We started the race in downtown Athens and ran past the famous arch. From there we ran along the Greenway and back out towards UGA. We ran right past Sanford Stadium, where Hairy Dawg was out cheering us on. Go Dawgs! At this point, we already hit a few hills but why stop with a few when the whole course can be rolling hills. Athens is famous for killer hills and every runner in Georgia knows this to be true. At mile 6, I was still making good time despite the hills but that quickly disappeared in the next 7 miles. We made our way to Five Points which is my favorite area in Athens. The houses are super cute and the restaurants are vibrant. Mile 10 we hit Milledge Ave (Sorority Row) and ran all the way down to Prince Ave. Coming up on mile 12, I could barely go anymore. My legs were extremely tired/heavy and I just wanted it to end. I crossed the finish line in 2:51:13, and was happy with that. The hills really took it out of me not to mention it was pretty warm. The course ended up being 13.5 miles. At the finish line, we got a really awesome medal and a chicken biscuit. I am a Chick-fil-A lover so anytime I can run and get a chicken biscuit after makes for a great run.

I had several friends that came out to run and support us. It’s always nice to have friends come out, it makes the whole morning that much better.

Check out our awesome picture above with the Chick-fil-A cows! I turn in to a kid when I see something like this, I automatically have to have a picture taken.

This weekend we have a race Friday night at 10 PM in Athens. (We are crazy like that). Then Saturday morning we are running a 5K on the East Side of Athens.

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