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Atlanta Women’s 5K

There’s something about a race that has thousands of people running in it, that makes the experience even more exciting. Maybe it’s the amount of energy a large crowd brings, or the fact that you are surrounded by people who enjoy running or the loud cheering that happens at the finish line. Whatever it is, the larger the race, the more pumped up I get to run. As I was standing at the start line, I couldn’t help but wonder why so many people come out on a Saturday morning to run a race. As I was looking around at all the women standing in line with me, it hit me that everyone runs for a reason. Some run to loose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, others run to have fun with friends and meet new people, and some simply run because they like the feeling they get when they cross the finish line. Whatever the reasoning is, it’s a super cool thing to be apart of.

3:15 AM- that’s what time I woke up Saturday morning to get ready to travel to the race. You know you are a crazy runner when you are the only car on the road. I picked up my sole sisters who were coming to run the race with me and we headed for Atlanta. We found the location a little after 6 AM and could tell there was already lots of stuff going on. The level of energy before daylight was a cool sight to take in. We were able to get our bib early and walk around to explore some of the merchandise available. The race started at 8 so we had some time to nap in the car before the start. Since the race is pretty big we were put in to corrals by our expected finishing clock time. I was in corral A. At the start, there was so many people that it took me a good two or three minutes to get around them. The beginning was a downhill start but since I was blocked in, I couldn’t take full advantage of the downhill. The rest of the course was rolling hills and was one big circle around the neighboring streets of Buckhead. The finish was on a hill and if it had not been for the crowd lining the streets, I would have walked the hill. I was worn out by this point and wanted it to end. There was a lady running behind me that was yelling at the top of her lungs to all the ladies to push it up the last hill. I usually don’t pay much attention to people talking on the course, but I found myself smiling because she was so energetic about finishing the race and motivating/encouraging all the ladies running near her. I finished in 35:55 and came across the finish line to an awesome medal and rose. By the way Atlanta Track Club, nice addition with the rose. There was an after party at a local running store that we went to when we finished the race. We were treated to “mimosas” (orange juice and sparkling grape juice) to go along with our shopping. I will certainly add this race to my list of races for next year and hopefully bring more of my sole sisters out with me.

Let’s not stop there, we have to talk about Sunday’s race. What else is a girl going to do on a Sunday afternoon, other then go run a race with her friends?! We ran the Dog Dash 5K in Watkinsville. It was extremely warm out and not going to lie I was dying the entire way. I had to walk more then I have had to do in a long time. The heat took it out of me and I finished in 38:34. Didn’t place but my friend placed first in his age group so we all had a good time!

This does not relate to running but I am still so in awe over it that I have to post it to my blog. I met Reba McEntire. Isn’t that like the coolest thing ever? It’s extremely rare that you would ever get the chance to meet such a iconic figure. I love country music so I get ten times more excited about this kind of stuff. We found out she was filming her new TV show in Madison. Right after I got done running, we jumped in the car and took off hoping to just get a glimpse of her. We went to eat at a local restaurant there and in walks Reba! We waited outside of the restaurant until she came out before we asked her for a picture. I don’t think she would have liked me sitting there taking selfies with her while she was eating! Ha!

What’s in store for this weekend?! I am running my third half marathon! We are running the Chick-Fil-A half in Athens Saturday morning. I’m really excited about this race!

Happy Running!

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