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The Day I Became A Spartan


March 18, 2017 is the day I set out to prove to myself that I could complete something I always thought I would never do. I became a SPARTAN! Leading up to this day, I was extremely nervous and kept asking what did I get myself in to. This is the Spartan, to me it was not a game, it was a real challenge to test all endurance and strength that I had in me. I almost made the decision not to go a couple of days before the Spartan. I didn’t think I would be able to complete it and I didn’t want to get out there and embarrass myself. Well I got myself to the start line where all the nerves quickly disappeared and I went out there and owned it! The little beast inside of me came out.

The Spartan was held along trails at the Horse Park in Conyers. Our wave time was 2:15 which is the open wave for all participants that are not competing. The Spartan holds waves for the elite athletes in the morning, the competitive athletes right after the elite and then an open wave for all other participants. I was told the course ended up being 5.2 miles with over 20 obstacles.

By the time we arrived at the horse park, I didn’t have a lot of time to think about the obstacles ahead because we were rushing to get to the start line. Once we got started, the first few obstacles we came across were walls that you had to climb over. Thankfully, I had friends there to help push me up so I could get over. I don’t have a lot of upper body strength so I already knew I was going to need a little boost. After the walls, there was a lot of trail running. That was probably my favorite part because I love to hike so jumping over creeks and climbing little mountains excites me. The one obstacle that got me so pumped up was doing the sandbag lift. You have to pull a heavy sandbag to the top and bring it back down slowly without dropping it. I was watching girls all around me drop their bags. If you let it fall to the ground, you had to do burpees. I got mine up and back down without letting go of the rope and dropping it. Next was the barb wire crawl. I started off rolling which was a bad mistake. I almost made myself sick. I knew I couldn’t keep rolling because the dizziness was getting to me so I crawled it. Crawling under the barb wire takes longer but I figured out the process of lowering myself just enough to not get caught in the wire and from there I was smooth sailing. The obstacle that made me extremely nauseous was when we had to pick up a 100 pound ball walk it over to a flag, drop it and do 5 burpees. From there we had to pick the ball back up and bring it back to the starting point and drop it. My least favorite obstacle was the rock bucket carry. I have done this before and did great at it but by the time I got to it Saturday I was tired. It took me awhile to complete this obstacle and as I was coming towards the end I tripped over a root and landed on top of my bucket. It hurt so bad, but I shook it off and kept going because I was determined to finish. Guess what came shortly after the bucket carry. MUD. We had to swim through 3 different pits of mud and on the last pit we had to go under a wall in the muddy water. I’m sure the course monitors got a good laugh out of my friend and I. We went under together and came out screaming that we couldn’t see. We had to stand in the cold water and wait for the film to disappear so we could see again. Talk about a muddy mess and I actually loved every minute of it. Next, we had to carry an 80 pound sandbag over our shoulder and walk through the woods with it. I did awesome at this obstacle and felt like a beast carrying the bag around. Nearing the finish line we had to crawl up a 12 foot cargo net obstacle and back down. I am terrified of heights but the adrenaline of only one more obstacle left between me and the finish line got me over the obstacle. The very last obstacle was a wall that you had to walk up using a rope. I surprised myself by walking up it so easily and was thinking heck yea I got this. However, I wiped out at the top because I slipped. I hung on to the rope for dear life because I didn’t want to slide all the way back down. There happened to be two guys at the top who saw me and grabbed me by the arms and pulled me up. Once I got up, going down was the easiest thing in the entire race.

To get to the finish line, you had to jump over a fire pit. Jumping over the pit was so much fun and I got the biggest rush from it. Crossing the finish line was the best feeling because I worked so hard to get there. The picture below has beast mode written all over it. I completed 5 miles worth of obstacles, swam through mud, lifted heavy objects and crawled my way to becoming a Spartan. The Spartan was the hardest but most rewarding thing I have ever done. It was the best experience and I am so glad I did it. It made me realize I have more in me then I what I give myself credit for.Who know’s maybe I will be back next year! After all, BEAST MODE has been activated!

Finisher’s picture. I have named myself the Queen Beast.

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