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On The Road To Becoming A Spartan

I took some time today to think about this past weekend and how I was so disappointed in the runs. I started thinking about how I probably don’t eat enough of the right foods which could be one of the issues. I also had to realize today that I am tired and need to rest. I am always on the go at work, I am working on a degree at night and I stay on the road on the weekends. My friend made me take a look today at how I am no longer having fun with running. I am so focused on one thing that I am not enjoying the journey. He said maybe I should get back to having fun with it but at the same time keep working towards my goal. He’s right, I need to refocus my training but have fun with it, regardless of my clock time.

Sunday I ran the Swamp Stomp in Eatonton. I was so determined to beat Saturday’s clock time that I was on a mission to do just that. I was feeling pretty run down but I didn’t want that to get in the way. Right off we hit a hill and I could feel my legs burning. The rest of the course was a mix of flat surfaces and hills. Each hill I came to I felt that time slip away. I came across the finish line in 34:23 and immediately wondered what am I doing wrong? The day before I just had a conversation with my friend about how I needed to readjust my thinking and attitude towards finishing or placing. In the moment, though I still can’t help but feel that little hint of disappointment looming over me. I did place third in my age group and got a pretty neat towel. I also got to see a few awesome friends that I enjoy spending weekends with. There is always lots of laughter with this group and we certainly do have a blast getting awards so we can take selfies.

This week we start a new training plan that is supposed to help on speed and leg strengthening. The goal race is April 15th in Monroe which is flat and fast. Recently, every race I run I hope to PR which in turn just leaves me frustrated. April 15th gives me a enough time to work on resting and trying out a new training plan. Whether I get a PR or not that day, I will just keep trying until I do.

This Saturday, I become a SPARTAN! This is an obstacle mud run that will test all the strength I have in me. I am determined no matter what that I am crossing that finish line and getting a medal and t-shirt. You don’t get either unless you finish. I know going in that I will probably have to do some burpees because I know my weaknesses. I’m ok with that. I will do some burpees if I have to, to get myself across that finish line. In a way I am excited about the mud and the feeling of accomplishing something that is so intense. Who knows, maybe I can encourage some people along the way that are also doing their first Spartan. Stay tuned for what I’m sure will be a very long post next weekend. That is if I can still lift my arms to type. HA!

Happy Running, My Friends!

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