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Monroe Country 5K Recap

(Had the pleasure of taking a picture with some of the greatest people I know)

I should start by saying this post is going to be as real as it gets for me. I went in to today’s race at the Monroe Country Day School 5K with high hopes. As most of you know, I am trying to reach a goal. I knew in my mind though, that I would probably struggle. The last few days of training have been hard and my time has been off. My legs are still bruised and it hurts to touch them from last weeks obstacle training. That’s no excuse though for why I haven’t been running well. I think we may have figured out today that I am not eating enough to fuel my body for all the running that I do. This could be the cause of why I am so weak and not running well. Whatever it is, it hasn’t been a promising week for me. However, I still wanted to give today’s race my best shot. I started the race near the front start line and took off like a track star behind the fast boys. I think it’s super cool to start right behind them and I try to keep up as long as I can. The guys that were on the front line today are some of the coolest people you will meet. Hands down I inspire to be like them.

Starting off the race so fast probably hurt me more then helped. I got a 9 minute first mile but slowed down because honestly I couldn’t breathe. The course was relatively flat with a few inclines. On a course like this I can easily turn 32 minutes. However, by mile 2, I knew I wasn’t going to make the time I wanted so I walked. I kept walking because at that point I was so weak I just wanted to sit. Coming near the finish, I picked back up running. Here is what was going through my mind heading towards the finish: why do I do this? I should just quit, I’m not getting any better. Y’all I didn’t even want to go through the finish line. I know that is crazy because it doesn’t matter what time I come in, it’s the point that I got out there and did it in the first place. I finished in 34:20 and placed 2nd in my age group. Right now, my time is going up instead of down and it’s really frustrating. All day today I have been frustrated and I’m trying to figure out what I am doing wrong.

I know why I run. It’s because I really do love it, I have made wonderful friends, and I like the feeling of accomplishment. I’m serious about running and the want of getting faster. People that don’t run just think I’m absolutely insane for putting so much thought and time in to it. We were talking tonight about what would I do if I couldn’t or didn’t run? I probably wouldn’t know what to do. I’m obviously a running addict because rest days are hard to take and all I do is look for where I am running next. Those thoughts I had near the end of the race come and go, but I never give up. Let’s face it, I am hooked and not giving up on my goal without a fight!

One more 5K to go tomorrow. Running the Swamp Stomp in Eatonton.

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