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Suwanee Half Marathon

The power of a run is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t matter where you finish or where you place, it only matters that you are doing it. I have been working extremely hard lately. I train 4 days a week and run several races during the course of a weekend. I think it’s safe to say all of my hard work is starting to pay off. All the determination inside of me, came out in today’s Swanee half marathon. Since this is my second half, I did set a goal. The goal was to beat my first half marathon time. Well I came, I saw and I conquered. Let’s start from the beginning. I assumed at the starting line, the nerves would set in and I would start worrying about all the miles ahead. The nerves never came and I felt great starting the race. My first mile was a nine minute mile. I was very confident at the start, so I gave it all I had in the first few miles. After mile 1, we hit the first little incline which didn’t slow me down. I made it to almost mile 4 before having to walk another hill. There was an awesome down hill going in to mile 5 so I gained some time running down it. It was steep going down so I was able to sprint down easily. We all know the saying that if you go down a hill, you must then go up a hill. The hill right before mile 5 almost stopped me in my tracks. It took all I had to push up it. There was a park sign at this point that said smile, you are on camera- this area is under video surveillance at all times. They got an eye roll instead of a smile. I was not having it going up that hill. Once I got up it, we entered the greenway which was mostly flat for the next two miles. The only bad thing about the greenway was the boardwalks we had to run on. I was thinking, please don’t let me trip on a loose board that is sticking up. Trust me, I would be the first to trip and fall flat on my face. One of the boardwalks on the greenway swayed and I thought to myself either this boardwalk is moving or I am getting dizzy. It was the boardwalk and not me about to fall out. Finally we got back out on a major road and once again mile 8 was a steady incline. Let’s talk about the hill at mile 9. I can’t tell you on my blog page, what was going through my mind, but I will say it wasn’t nice thoughts. I had just taken some energy gel so the hill wasn’t as bad as mile 5 but it was longer. Coming back down was good because I gained some time. Mile 10 was a steady downhill back to the greenway.  We stayed on the greenway until 12.5 and then went up behind the town park to finish. Going in to the finish, there was another hill but I had enough energy to run pretty fast on in. I like to make a final grand entrance in to finish lines! I finished in 2:38:20 with chip time!

I knocked 15 MINUTES off from my first half time in January. I was so excited to see that. Overall the course wasn’t terrible but I did not like the boardwalks or hills. They did have super awesome medals and a towel they gave at the finish.

Next up, I am running two 5K’s back to back on Saturday. Running the Brave Run in the morning and the USSSA ice 5K in the afternoon. I hope to see all my friends there! Missed running with everyone this weekend!

Thanks for following my journey! Happy Running!

(My friends first half marathon and he killed it)

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