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Weekend Of Cupcakes


Finally getting around to posting about this past weekends races. Let’s start by saying I had a blast this weekend. We ran two cupcake 5K’s, who doesn’t love a run that involves cupcakes at the finish line? The first race was on Saturday called Kupcakes & Kandy in Dacula. Saturday was the first day I had ran in a week. I was sick all last week and had to take it easy which meant time off from training. I started the race off strong but fell back before mile one even appeared. I finished the run in 34:05. I usually like to sprint it in when I see the finish line, but it was all I had just to finish. I was still feeling kind of weak and the course has some rolling hills so I wasn’t disappointed with the time. I didn’t place at this run but I did enjoy some cupcakes so it balanced it out. I’m not a huge sweet eater at all but I do enjoy an occasional cupcake every once in awhile.

Second race of the weekend called The Cupcake Race was in Cumming. It’s safe to say 4:30 AM wakeup calls are about normal for us. We were on the road at 5:30 to get there on time to register so I could get a cool shirt before they gave them all out. The run had a 10K and a 5K. I chose to do the 5K because I was thinking I will do good just to finish 3 miles. Once I got started though, I was feeling great. My first mile was a 9 minute mile. I had to use my sprinting skills in the first half mile of the run to get around a kid that wanted to run right in front of me and I kept having to side step not to trip over him. Once I got past him, it was mostly flat the next half mile so I kept a good pace. As usual, the course had to have a few hills. I pushed myself up all three hills only walking for a few seconds at a time. I cut some time off coming back down the big hill. Down hills are my favorite because I can sprint down them. I finished in 32:38 and I think this course had more hills in it then the previous days run. Sometimes I surprise myself on hilly courses. On the way to the race I was saying my goal this year is to place at a race that gives finishers medals but also has awards. Well, I reached that goal at this race. I placed 3rd in my age group (20-29) and was 3 out of 11. How cool is that! I also got to enjoy another cupcake after the race. I ran two races this weekend so it’s ok to have a cupcake or two right?! I will defiantly run this race again next year. They had awesome medals and a great shirt.

This weekend I am running my second half marathon in Suwanee. It will be my friends first half marathon so it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Look for a big half marathon post next Sunday!

Happy Running Friends!

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