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Spartan & Frog Hop 5K Recap

What a weekend! Two races and one PR. Saturday morning I ran the Spartan 5K at Athens Academy. I have heard about this race for several years but never wanted to run it. I finally listened to everyone that was telling me how great a course it is and decided to give it a shot. Everyone was right, they told me I could get a PR and I did just that! Finished in 30:13. I was shooting for under 30, but didn’t make it. I did get to see 29 minutes on the clock as I was coming down the hill. I was zoned it to the clock as I came sprinting down the hill like a crazy person. I was trying to get the time I wanted without falling flat on my face. Again, everyone was right, the Spartan has a great downhill finish. If you ever want a good clock time, come run this race! What’s really cool, is, I have just recently started getting 9 minutes for the first mile. I have stepped up the training to a whole new level. I placed first in my age group, which I couldn’t believe. I didn’t go back and look at the board after the race because the Spartan has tons of fast people in it so I didn’t think I stood a chance. When they got to my age group they called out third place, then second, and I looked at my friend and said see I knew I didn’t place. Well guess who they called for first?! I was like what??? I was shocked but so excited. I will certainly add this to my list of races to shoot for a PR on.

Second race of the weekend was the Frog Hop 5K in Athens. This race is on the greenway we use to train on so I am very familiar with the course. The course is mostly flat but I never have a good clock time here in a 5K. It was very humid which didn’t help my time. I gave up half way in and decided to walk more then I have in awhile. I knew I couldn’t get under 30 here so I didn’t push it like I did the day before. I finished in 33:10 and finished 7th in my age group. We had a lot of people from our DRC group that came to run with us. It was a great afternoon with some really awesome people! I know there were several of these awesome people that ran 5 races this weekend. Everyone did such an amazing job!

Next weekend, I am running the Kupcakes & Kandy 5K in Dacula. Should be a fun race to run. I mean who doesn’t love getting a cupcake after they run?!

Training this week will still be on speed. Running my second half marathon in two weeks!

Happy Running!

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