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Weekend Races Recap

Out of all the days of the week, I had to wake up Saturday morning with a headache. I was so looking forward to trying to set a PR at Saturday’s Surf & Sun 5K at Lake Lanier. I had trained hard all week to set one. However, I knew right before we started, I was going to do good just to finish. This is my second year running this race and I like the course, it’s mostly flat. The only thing is you have to repeat the same loop three times but it has nice views of the lake. It was freezing cold yesterday morning and the wind did not help things. I usually have my best pace at mile 1 but it was way off. I forced myself to keep running even though I wanted to stop. My watch decided to stop working around mile 2, maybe the cold made it freeze up?? Anyways, I finished blindly not knowing my time. I finished in 33:47 and placed second in my age group. What’s even better is I was not 2 out of 2 in my age group, I was 2 out of 5! BAM! They had nice medals and shirts! I am all about a nice medal and shirt!

Today’s race was one for the battle of the fittest due to all the crazy hills. We ran the Super Bolt 5K in Dacula. With no headache this morning, I was ready to run! I was hoping the course would be flat so I could make up for yesterday. Unfortunately it was like a roller coaster, up and down. It’s crazy that I actually had a good time on such a hilly course. I finished in 32:20 and placed first in my age group. Again, I was not 1 out of 1, so far I am 1 out of 3. Double BAM! They haven’t posted the full results yet. The awards were medals and they had Rise Up shirts (main reason we ran the race). It’s been a great Falcon’s weekend. Did the dirty bird dance twice this weekend. We are ready for the Falcon’s to take the Super Bowl win tonight!! RISE UP!

This week’s training will focus on speed. Two 5K’s next weekend. The Spartan 5K at Athens Academy and the Frog Hop!

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