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Hot Chocolate Atlanta-5K

The Hot Chocolate 5K in Atlanta is one of my favorite races to run. I love the atmosphere that this race brings. Over 7,000 people standing in line excited to run a 5K for a bowl of hot chocolate. It’s kind of ironic that I run this race considering I don’t really like chocolate. Don’t judge! I still eat Reese’s and Hersey bars to get my chocolate fix. We started the morning off with heavy rain and lightning on the drive to Atlanta. In those moments, you begin to wonder why you are doing this. Could be home sleeping but no we are driving to another race before 5 AM. As a runner though, you sacrifice sleeping for early morning races. Once we got to Atlanta, the rain had pretty much stopped. Rain or shine I was ready to run. With a crowd of thousands, it’s very hard to find people. Luckily, we were able to find our friends and see many other great friends at the starting line. I was in corral B, wave 1 so I was able to start a few minutes behind the front runners. I read somewhere on the Hot Chocolate site that the course was flat and fast. That was not the case, it was not flat nor fast. I had my mind set on having a good clock time but that quickly disappeared. I was boxed in at the starting line and it took me awhile to get past people where I was able to run my normal speed. I had a good looking clock time when I reached mile 1. I still had a good clock time at mile 2 but then the hills hit shortly after. On about the third hill, I was thinking you have got to be kidding me. The third hill lead in to the forth and I was done at that point. I walked the forth hill and saw my time slip away. Knowing there was going to be lots of people watching me come through the finish line, I decided it was best to make a grand finale entrance! I booked it down the last hill sprinting in to the finish. My Dad and friend thought something had gotten after me the way I came charging down the hill. One, I knew people were watching me, two- I knew my picture was going to be taken and three- might as well get the best clock time I can get! Here are my results!

Along the course, I ran past several tailgaters for the Falcons game that was being played at the Dome. We actually ran right past the Dome. Tailgaters were yelling rise up as we went past. I naturally have to yell rise up back. I was sporting my Falcons t-shirt to show my support. I am a huge football fan. I love my Georgia Bulldogs and the Falcons. So I was glad those Dirty Birds won the championship.

I can’t wait to run the Hot Chocolate again. I really want to run the 15K next year. I want one of those chocolate bar shaped medals so bad!

This week I will be focusing on cross training and endurance. Next up, Winterville 10K.

Happy Running!

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