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Let’s talk food. I have been starving all week since running the half. I can eat breakfast first thing in the morning but by 10 am, stomach is growling and I want food. All week I have been craving grilled chicken and potatoes. (Weird I know). I haven’t wanted anything fried. I actually want fruit and veggies which is not normal for me. I’m also on a kick about wanting dessert. I am not a big dessert person at all but lately I have wanted something sweet. I settled for ice cream and frozen yogurt after running the half to satisfy the sweet tooth.

I did learn a few things during the half marathon. I learned I need to prepare more for it such as drinking a lot more water and eating more healthier foods. I also learned I need fuel during the race. I have since purchased energy gels for future halfs!

I accomplished a huge goal of finishing a half marathon. Therefore, I want to continue to push my endurance level and find fun half marathons to do. I still want to work on speed for accomplishing my goal of running a 5K in less then 30 minutes. I don’t currently have any flat and fast courses so maybe by the time one comes up, I can be ready to set a PR.

Next up, Hot Chocolate Atlanta–5K!

Happy Running!

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