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Twilight Stroll by the Granite Bowl 5K

It was a dark, cold and rainy Friday night in Elberton for the Granite Bowl 5K. You would think the weather would make us just want to stay at home, but just the opposite. Everyone was excited to run despite the cold and rain. The race was very well organized, had a nice venue at the Elberton theatre and course monitors on every turn. The course had a few hills but I felt strong during the entire run. The first hill I came up on before the first mile, I thought was going to stop me. To my surprise, it barely slowed me down. The second hill after the first mile marker got me and I had to use a power booster. The rest of the race I ran with only having to stop on the next two inclines. Finished the 5K in 33:56 and placed first in my age group. The awards were a piece of granite and were super cool. If it had not been raining I would have probably decided to run the 10K because I was feeling pretty good after I finished the 5K. Dad ran the 10K, came in second overall and got masters. His award was a heavy piece of granite with cool artwork on it. Overall it was a great run but I was hoping for some snowflakes but all I got was raindrops.

Next weekend is my first half marathon in Warner Robins. I’m not nervous about it yet but I’m sure the nerves will set in later in the week. I’m going to try to do a 9 mile training run on Sunday with some friends to see how I do. I haven’t been long distance training because it came up so soon. I will be able to prepare more for the half I have in April in Athens.

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