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The Moment I Became A Runner

I am a runner. I don’t try to hide it. I am a talkative runner. I like to tell people all about the race life. I am a happy runner. I actually like running. I am a dedicated runner. It is my life now. — I used to hide it. I used to never speak of it. I used to think people would judge me for it. No one understood it. Majority of people I know still don’t. Why put yourself through all the pain and discomfort they ask?! “You must be crazy, they say! Why do you run?, they ask (I will answer that question after my first half). The point is I am a runner. It’s what I do as my hobby, my sport. Some choose to play soccer or play the piano, I choose to run.  But at what point did I actually consider myself a runner?

Here is an entertaining list that reminds myself and all my friends/family everyday that I am a runner.

– The amount of running clothes I own have tripled. I even have them organized by clothing item!

– If I see someone else running and I’m in the car, jealousy strikes!!

– I have never enjoyed buying socks as much as I do now. I love compression socks! $50 dollars… what??? GURL that’s expensive. For socks?…. But I NEED them!

– I go to TJ Maxx once a week to see if they have any cute running clothes!… Oh wait… I go to Marshalls too!

– Race fees: those things are not considered an “expense”.

– Running shoes: I have them organized by brand. My absolute favorites are my Brooks! Let’s not forget I can’t get those wet or dirty. So if it’s raining, hello training shoes!

– Sick days: Poor soul can’t handle it. A few months ago, I was sick for 5 days. I tried everything under the sun to explain why I was ok and needed to run. My response to others comments: but you don’t understand.

– Fridays before race day- coworkers: “what do you want for lunch today?” OMG ITS FRIDAY! I have to have EGGS!

– Friday nights: laying out clothes and fueling up for Saturday’s race. Priorities!

– Food: I eat all the time. Basically I run to eat. Lunch time usually goes something like this. Me: I’m hungry. Work friends: Let us finish this and we will go. Me: but listen. Work Friends: Ok, I’m listening. Me: I have to have my protein. Basically, I’m going in to starvation mode here. Work Friends: We think you will be ok. Me: but you don’t understand.

– When I see a car with a running sticker on the back window, it usually goes something like this: ohhh they a runner too! They get it! Hey wait I wonder if I know them??

– At work, I’m no longer asked what my weekend plans are. It’s more like where are you running this weekend? Well I am running here, and let’s not forget here and oh wait Sunday I am running here too.

As silly as some of these are, they are all true. To all my fellow runners out there I hope you can laugh at some of these and relate to them. I considered myself a runner the moment I quit worrying about how slow or how fast I was and just ran. Even if I have to walk some of the race, I still get out

there and do it. You become a runner the day you lace up your shoes and walk out the front door! Thankfully, I have never looked back! There is no checklist you have to follow in order to be a runner. Just go run. Find your moment and have fun!

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