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New Years @ Noon 5K

First day of 2017 got off to a great start. Ran the New Years at Noon 5K in 34:02 at Sandy Creek Park. The course had the lovely dam hill again this year! Towards the beginning of the race as I was approaching the first incline I heard some people ask is this the hill they were talking about?! I started laughing and was thinking you haven’t seen anything yet. I was actually making great time until I reached the hill and had to slow walk it up. Every time I run that hill, I feel like I am being pushed back and have no energy to fast walk it. At the two mile marker right before the hill, I was at 21 minutes. In my mind, I was going to finish near the time I wanted but my legs had other plans. I guess more like my mind had other plans since running is all mental. I placed third in my age group. That was super cool because I have never placed at this race. I was all excited, walking around showing off my award. It was an awesome day with great friends!

I got my Run & See Georgia plaque today. Placed first in my age group for 2016. The first thing I did when I got the award was take a selfie with it!

2017 is looking like its going to be a big year for me in running. I hope to get faster in the 5K’s and build up my endurance for the half marathons I am tackling this year. My first half is in two more weeks. I have no goals for this half marathon since it will be my first. I hope to learn what I need to do in future half’s and then begin setting goals.

This week I have only three training days since I am running Friday night at the Granite Bowl 5K.

Happy New Year to everyone! Here’s to an awesome 2017!

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