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Rockin With Santa & Wiseman 5K Recap

Late post on this past Sunday’s races. Ran two 5K’s on Sunday. Saturday night we decided that we were going to run a 5K in Snellville called Rockin with Santa. I was extremely tired during this race due to Saturday being the Santa Stroll 8K. We ran in a nice park and it was mostly flat but had some inclines. This was one of the toughest runs I have done. It was one big loop around the park and then an out and back to a turn around sign. I started the race off slow and couldn’t find any energy to make it to the first mile before stopping to walk. The second and third mile wasn’t any better. I did the run/walk method and was struggling the entire time. I finished in 37:30. When I finished, I swore I was going to need a new set of legs to run the second race in a few hours. The good news is, all runners got a medal. Everyone knows I am all about that medal life. If I earn a medal, its been a good race regardless of how tired I am.

Race number two was the Wiseman 5K in Bethlehem. Something crazy happened, I was able to get a second wind and felt great during the race. I even had a PR on this course, finished in 32:06. I’m not sure how I was able to do that. The course was mostly flat with a few steep inclines but nothing that bad. I started off at a nice pace and was thinking to myself, how long is this going to last before the tiredness hits. It never really hit. I made it past mile one, up the first incline and back down before slowing down. By mile two, my watch was showing a pretty awesome time and I knew I had the potential of finishing very well. I got really excited once I knew I was heading towards the clock because my watch was showing that I was about to beat my time. I came across the finish line about to bust with excitement when I saw the time on the clock. Basically think of how excited a kid is in a candy store and you will understand my level of excitement. I finished first in my age group. A total of 11.2 miles for the weekend and three awards brought home. I was very pleased with myself. It was an awesome weekend with the running family!

We have one more 5K in 2016 on Christmas Eve. My Christmas present to myself is to have another PR. I think I can make this happen! Find out this Saturday if I can accomplish this!

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