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Santa Stroll 8K Recap

Ran the Will Chamberlin Memorial Santa Stroll 8K this morning. This is my favorite race of the year for several reasons. First, I get to see all of my favorite people in one place. Everyone comes together for this race because of the yearly Black Bag awards. Second, this race is in memory of Will Chamberlin who passed away several years ago. I used to live in the same neighborhood as Mr. Will and he was always so nice and thoughtful to my sister and I. He gave us bubble gum and several other goodies every time we would walk by his house. In fact, he gave us bubble gum so often that my sister named him Mr. Bubble Gum man. I seriously think he would be very proud to know the whole family started running and run with Classic Race every weekend. He would be thrilled to know Dad burns the courses every weekend and that I have PR’s consistently and place in most of my races. Today I was determined to have a PR on this 5 mile course and I did. I finished in 56:15 and placed 2nd in my age group. I finally got a bobble head and was oh so excited. I had a friend run with me today and we paced ourselves through the first 3 miles. Felt great the entire race and probably could have pushed myself a little more to get 55 minutes but I am happy with my time. We also had several Dynamic Run Club (DRC) members out on the course with us and they all did so good. Very proud of everyone.

I placed FIRST in my age group for the Black Bag Race Series for 2016!! Classic Race gives really awesome bags and t-shirts for these awards. Thank you Classic Race for all you do for us runners!

I started getting serious in August with trying to set goals and haven’t slowed down since. I’m just getting started and looking forward to 2017. The best part is all of the amazing friends I have made along this journey. The running family is what make the weekends so much fun and I’m so glad I decided to randomly start running back in 2012. I have an awesome support system that come with me every weekend to watch me cross the finish line. Thank you to everyone who gives me advice, supports and encourages me along this ride!

One more race this weekend. Running the Wiseman 5K tomorrow afternoon. Then only one 5K left in 2016 on Christmas Eve.

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