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Madison Christmas Rush 5K & 8K

It was a cold Saturday morning for 8 miles down in beautiful Madison, GA. We ran the 5K and turned around 30 minutes later to run the 8K. I was so excited about the 5K because I had it in my mind that I was going to have a PR. Unfortunately, that did not happen. I finished in 33:12. I saw the time I wanted on the clock but couldn’t make it in fast enough. When I saw the time pass away, I just wanted to stop. I did slow my pace down at that point. Not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed. However, I came away with a second place age group win. I was thinking about my clock time this weekend and I need to remember that when I get disappointed I need to look at how far I have come. In the last few months alone, I have knocked my 5K time down from 40 minutes to 33 minutes. That is 7 minutes I have knocked off of my time since August. Therefore 2017, I am going to shoot for knocking 5 more minutes off my time. I think that is a reasonable goal!

I ran the 8K in 58:40. A minute slower then my previous 8K in November. Not horrible for already running a 5K. When I was coming back in the 5K, I saw the 4 mile marker for the 8K and was thinking, ‘what the heck am I doing?’ I have to turn around in 30 minutes and run 5 more miles. Once I started the 8K, all the doubt faded and I actually enjoyed it. I was tired but I still managed a run/walk pace. I didn’t feel like I couldn’t finish it. Did not place in the 8K but I’m glad I did it. Was good practice for a half marathon. I now have confidence that I can do a half marathon. My first half marathon date has changed. I will now be running my first half in January at the Museum of Aviation Half in Warner Robins.

Next up, Santa Stroll 8K and Wiseman 5K next weekend.

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