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A Rainy Weekend Recap

Second race was in Cornelia which we ran through a park under the Christmas lights. It was so pretty running through the lights. Being near the mountains, the course was hilly. We ran through a neighborhood up some steep hills and back down. Down hills are my favorite. Towards the finish there was a down hill part and an uphill finish. I sprinted down the hill as fast as I could which gave me enough stride to run through the finish pretty fast. I love the feeling of sprinting down hill. I gave it my all and finished in 37:21. I got first place in my age group. Check out the awesome medal! I love medals. I run for medals and for food. See how happy medals make me? Or maybe it’s the feeling of accomplishment. All of my favorite people placed in their age groups at this race. We all are ‘crazies’ when it comes to running. I think it’s pretty cool to be one of the crazies. Some people just don’t understand the dedication we have. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, we train, we run!

Third race of the weekend was in Winder for the Holly Jolly Elf Trot 5K. Again all the crazies ran in the pouring rain. This course had a few hills and since it was raining and cold I just wanted it to end. I never thought I was going to see the finish line. I finished in 35:14 and placed 3rd in my age group. To sum it all about, we are all beasts. 3-4 races a weekend and loving every minute.










Up next. Madison Christmas Rush 5K and 8K. I am doing both.

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