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A Runner’s Thanksgiving

While most people were enjoying their turkey’s and pies on Thanksgiving, I was enjoying running an 8K. A nice 5 mile run through the hilly city of Athens. I started off doing great and it was all down hill for the first mile which was awesome. Finished the first mile in less then 10 minutes. Then the hills hit. I think every half mile had a hill along the course because just when I thought I was in the clear, another hill would appear. I had a friend pace me through the first 3 miles. We finished the 5K part of the run in 33:34. Mile 4 is when I came up on the long hill that seemed to never end. It slowed me down and I had to walk it. Turning towards the finish line, a course monitor said the finish is just around the corner. I got really excited because in my mind, the finish was just around the corner. No, the finish was around the corner up a hill and back down a hill. Going towards the hill, a lady was running right beside me and was like hey lets take this hill, are you with me? I responded heck yea girl, come on lets go, you got this! I love how runners encourage each other, especially women encouraging one another. Honestly, I would have probably walked the last hill if it hadn’t been for her. I finished my second 8K in 57:24. My first 8K was 1:02 in 2013 so I have cut off some time.

So if running 5 miles was not enough, today on Black Friday I ran the Buddy Christian Memorial 5K. You know I am serious about this running thing, if I pass up shopping for a run. This 5K is one of my favorite runs and it goes to a very good cause. For those of you that don’t know, Buddy was shot in the line of duty as a police officer for Athens-Clarke County. His service will not be forgotten! My legs were give out on this run. I managed to still finish in 34:51. Photos of me crossing the finish line are floating around Facebook and they are quite hilarious. I looked so mad which I really did not know I was making such a mean face. People who know me, know I am not self aware of my facial expressions. I need to learn to smile when I cross the finish line! You never know who is taking your picture. I will admit I was disappointed with myself for not getting under 34. I shouldn’t be so hard on myself though, because I did 8 miles in two days! I even placed 1st and beat 8 other people in my age group. See my awesome medal…



Tons of training coming up this week. Next up, Walton County 5K, Rapids Run Under The Lights 5K and Holly Jolly Elf Trot 5K the weekend of December 3rd.

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