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Holiday Haulin 5K

I took a week off from running last week to regroup and rest from the previous weekend. Today was the first time I ran since last Sunday and it felt great. I was so excited to run today’s race and I could tell it was just what I needed. The course was flat and it felt like fall out so I knew if anything I would be under 35 minutes. I came in at 34:01 which isn’t bad from having a week off. I started the race off strong and set in at a comfortable pace throughout mile 1. I used a few power boosters during mile 2 but only very short ones. Towards the end of the race, there was so many people that had lined the streets cheering, I pushed through it to the finish. The picture above is of the Black Bag crew. They are some of the nicest people you could ever meet. We are missing so many BB runners but these are the ones I see every weekend. Race after race these people come out to run, have fun and support each other. We have a great group of runners out there in Athens community.

I have made a lot of decisions and plans this weekend which I can’t wait to tell everyone about. I will dedicate tomorrow’s post to showcasing what I have coming up throughout the rest of 2016 in to 2017. Can’t wait to tell you all about my journey ahead.


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