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Rock N Roll Savannah

This past weekend I ran the Rock N Roll Savannah 5K. It was a very pretty flat course throughout the moss trees of Savannah. I must say I was feeling pretty exhausted during the race so I didn’t focus on getting a PR. My focus was to complete my first Rock N Roll series race and use it as a training run for my future races. I got a look at what it would be like to run a half marathon by watching the start of the half and full marathon. Just by being at the starting line, got me to thinking how awesome it would be to say I am a half marathoner. The goal is to come back next year and run the half in Savannah. I had an awesome surprise by learning one of my buddies was running the marathon. I was able to cheer him on at the starting line. Congrats to all the finishers.


The Rock N Roll series had an awesome expo that I attended on Thursday. I love expos! All the running gear you need in one place, so it’s a runners paradise. The highlight was winning a free pair of Brooks running shoes. Crazy right? I thought they were joking at first. I just sent my winning card in to get a pair of cushion support shoes to use for my long distance training runs. I also bought a pair for training and 5K’s. I think I am all set to take on next years running adventures. I also became a member of the Atlanta Track Club. Looking forward to checking out a few of their events. Next up: 5K this Saturday in Mansfield.


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