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One Step Closer

We ran two 5K’s this morning within an hour of each other. The first 5K was on a certified course in Bostwick where I had another PR. My goal for today was to get close to 33 minutes. I ended up coming in at 32:57. I never thought I would ever see 34 minutes let alone 32. All of this hardcore training I am doing three times a week is paying off. Before the first 5K I was not feeling to great and didn’t think I stood a chance at beating my time from the previous weekend. I started the race strong and ran the first mile and a half without needing a break. The last mile and a half was a breeze and by the time I saw the clock, I already knew I was going to beat my time. Crossing the finish line was the best feeling and I couldn’t stop smiling. One step closer to reaching my goal of under 30 minutes. The boys also had amazing finishing times each beating their personal best times on the certified course. I’m so lucky to have awesome friends who come run with me on the weekends and support my crazy addiction!

I decided to run the second 5K just to see if I could do it. I am working towards running my first 10K in January, so back-to-back races was good practice. My time was way off in this one but I was tired and knew I wasn’t racing to set another PR. The first mile I ran within 10 minutes but I got tired fast and had to run/walk the rest of the race. I placed 3rd in my age group so I consider that to be a success!



One more 5K to go tomorrow and a virtual 5K that we will run at our own pace Monday. I will take a break on Tuesday and do a quick training run on Wednesday. We are leaving for Savannah on Thursday. We are going down to run the Rock ‘n’  Roll 5K that is on Sunday!! We are all super excited and looking forward to a nice vacation!

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